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unknown Thinline

No name Japanese-made thinline from either the late 60's or early 70's. Bolt-on slim neck, 3 single coil pickups, Bigsby-esque trem. Clean all around condition, but did not get a case for it
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~1973 Epiphone RT-160 Texan

Japanese-made back in the 70's Bolt-On neck
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THD Bi-Valve 30

Built-in Hot Plate attenuator. Power tubes can be switched without re-biasing. Any number of different tubes types can be used in different combinations. 6L6, EL-34, 6550, 6CA7. 6V6, 6K6, KT-90, KT-88, KT-77 and KT-66---any will work, in any combination! Same with the preamp tubes. Sounds great
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~1975 Fender® Vibrosonic

Clean all around condition, essentially a Twin with a factory orange JBL 15"
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~1964 Vox AC30

Non-top boost, missing handles (we have one, but it's broken) ac plug replaced with grounded 3-prong, tremolo depth pot replaced with push/pull, caps replaced, wheels added (it's hefty, but we have the rubber feet)
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2000 National Delphi

Slot-head single resonator, excellent all around condition
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Washburn AB-105

5-string acoustic/electric bass. Prototype? I couldn't find any info
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Manual Fernandez Flamenco

Made in Spain, sounds/plays great
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Dekley 12 string steel

12 strings, 5 floor pedals, 4 knee levers, all around excellent condition
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Steel Guitar Works 10-string

Couldn't find much info--I think they were made in Ohio? Seems to be good quality-doesn't feel or look cheesy. 10 strings, 4 knee levers, 3 floor pedals
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1978 Fender® Musicmaster™

nice all around condition. On the hefty side.
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~1971 Gibson J-160E

70's version of an iconic guitar
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1963 Gibson SG Junior

good player, some finish checks and small dings, had Grovers at some point, but correct tuners on it now, newer Gibson case missing its handle
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Melobar 7-string

lap steel designed to be played standing up, 7 string version
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Gretsch® Historic Series Resonator

Nicer inexpensive resonator, good shape all around
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1980 Ibanez Studio

set neck, 2 humbuckers, all stock, overall very good condition
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Fender® Stratocaster® Reissue Mutt

'62 RI Body-8/19/99 '59 RI neck-10/8/16 pickguard screws, string tree, strap buttons from '61 Strat Large ceramic cap from '63 Pickups are '69 RI Cust Shop Decal changed to accurate '61 with patent #'s, etc
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2006 Fender® Custom Shop NoCaster

added mini-humbucker at the neck, huge neck, light weight, plays and sounds great, COA, came to us in a gig bag, but we have the original case-just need to pick it up, whic we will do soon
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1955 Gibson LG-3

Refretted and neck reset by Tucker Barrett. Nice small bodied vintage guitar at a great price!
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Curbow Petite

US-made 5-string, Bartolini's (one repositioned), I believe the body is Ironwood, but could be mistaken. Hi-end bass in its day
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1982 Alembic Spoiler

"Q" switch, active, neck through body, medium scale, new case
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2000 Guild® D-55

beautiful Tacoma-made Guild, spruce top, east indian rosewood back and sides
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Blockhead First Born

replica of the 1964 Marshall™ 18W Lead 2x12 combo amplifier with two separate channels (4 inputs) with a Tremolo unit operating on Channel 1. Every part of this amp, layout and all, is exactly like the original.
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2000 Taylor 512ce

nice acoustic electric cutaway. Expression System, spruce top, mahogany back/sides, solid of course!
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Gibson/O'Brien Mastertone

TB3 Conversion, RB3 pot, double-bound back, Mastertone features,\ of 1926, built in 1927, Repro "Gibson" neck built by Jack O'Brien in Jaffrey, NH
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MusicMan Bongo Bass 5

active 5-string, nice all around condition
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2007 Fender® 50's Classic Player

maple fingerboard, nice all around
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1977 Fender® Stratocaster®

A nice one! hardtail, all there, nice all around original condition, non-original Fender case with missing handle
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1996 Fender® Bonnie Raitt Signature Strat®

Bird's Eye maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, Texas Specials, gold hardware signed by Bonnie on the pearloid pickguard, COA, nice! #015 of 200 made
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Blue Ridge BR-342

Parlour size, spruce top, mahogany back and sides, great sound and playability
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