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Found 69 matches

1951 Kay C-1

Comes with gig bag and a pickup installed. Plays and sounds great. Some wear on the neck, fingerboard, and around the edges. Sorry, but no shipping.
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~1970 Gibson Les Paul Signature Bass

You don't see these everyday. They didn't make many of these basses. Even less of them were in the gorgeous sunburst. The neck was reset recently. It's in fantastic shape and it's supremely playable. Comes with the original hard shell case
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2004 Gretsch Brian Setzer Nashville G6120ssu

THis guitar is absolutley gorgeous. Flamed top back and sides. It's everything you could really want in a Gretsch and more. Comes with the original hard case
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1960 Gretsch Clipper

This guitar has seen a lot of play. It's got some paint chipping around the headstock, and various bumps and bruises. The neck has some paint around the edges worn away and the binding is experiencing a bit of shrinkage. However, it's all original, it's vintage, and its just flat out cool. Comes with a hardshell case.
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2002 Fender Standard Stratocaster

Standard Made in Mexico Stratocaster. Some wear, but nothing out of the ordinary. Comes with a gig bag.
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Squier by Fender Bullet

Nice playing Squier Bullet. Korean made. It's got some scratches some on the front mostly on the back. See pictures for further details.
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2017 Fender American Special Stratocaster

This guitar is in fantastic shape. It's still got the sticker over the tremolo arm hole. 70s vibes all day, but with modern playability. Gig bag included
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2016 Squier Deluxe Jazzmaster

This is a great guitar for the money. It plays and sounds fantastic.It's essentially new. It still has the plastic on the pickup covers!
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1970 Goya GG174

Great shape all around. Comes witha very nice hard shell case. It plays and sounds great. This is definitely an odd ball, but ti's a great guitar nonetheless. It's has some scratches here and there. The worst one is shown. It's in all around very nice shape for a guitar that's nearly 50 years old.
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1995 Gibson ES-135

Up for grabs is this lovely ES-135. It's a semihollow much like the ES-335. This one features the trapeze tailpiece and P-100s. It has a some marks near the strings likely due to picking and some nicks and dings, and there is a ding on the neck that is pictured. But for the most part it's in good shape. Comes witht the original hard case.
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2012 Gibson Les Paul 70s Tribute

Gibson 70s Tribute Les Paul with Mini-Humbuckers. These guitars have a thin finish, but they can look worn quickly because of it. This one is in great shape. A few nicks here and there, but otherwise it's clean. Comes with a gig bag.
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2018 Gibson Flying V

This guitar was refinished and then aged by a previous owner. They did a fantastic job. It lloks and feels like an old Gibson. Equipped with Seymour Duncan Seth Lover pickups. The stoptail was plugged before the refinish and a short Maestro was added.Comes with a hard shell case.
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2008 Gibson Les Paul Standard Chambered

2008 Gibson Les Paul Standard Chambered. Lightweight and a killer player. It has a few good dings on the back, but they don't affect the playability. This is a solid all around player's guitar. Comes with a hardshell case.
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2000 Gibson Les Paul Classic

2000 Gibson Les Paul Classic. These are great guitars. Similar to a 60 reissue without the hefty cost associated with them. It has a few bumps and bruises. The worst of which is on the top side, so it's not very visable. It's a solid guitar all around and will make a fantastic daily player.
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Gibson Les Paul

2015 Gibsoin Les Paul with hard shell case. It plays and sounds great, but we aren't exactly sure what it is. It's either a Classic or a Traditional. It looks like it had the G-Force tuners on it originally, but now they've been replaced by Grovers. It's an all around solid guitar.
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2012 GIbson Les Paul Traditional

Here we have a 2012 GIbson Les Paul Traditional. It features coil taps for the neck and bridge pickups and locking tuners. Very nice shape. Comes with the original hard shell case.
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1997 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Here's a 1997 Gibson Les Paul Standard. It's got a lot of buckle wear and worming on the back. It's been played, but boy is it a good player. It's loaded with a Seymour Duncan 59 and JB set. It's tuners have been swapped for Schallers so there are extra holes. Comes with a hardshell case.
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1977 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe

Here we have a fine example of a Gibson Les Paul Deluxe. It's a bit on the heavy side, but not nearly as hefty as some of the other guitars from the era can be. It's been played and it has it's bumps and bruises, but what can you expect from a guitar that's over 40 years old? Includes a hardshell case.
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2007 Vox Mark III Brian Jones 50th Anniversary Model

Here we have a 2007 Vox Mark III Teardrop. Of course, these guitars were made famous by Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones. This is a faithful reissue, but with modern playability. Comes with the original case with all of the plaques and the certificate of authenticity embedded into it. 1 of 100
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~1969 Gibson B-25/12

Really nice condition for a 50 year old guitar--not mint, cracks. Some small amounts of scuffing, minimal fretwear. Good solid straight neck Comes in older chipboard case
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Martin DM-12

really clean all-around condition--plays easily, sounds great
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2016 Epiphone Korina Explorer

Like new (still has the plastic on it!) with hardshell case. Price is firm
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Eastwood Delta 6

Eastwood's take on the old Mosrite Californian. It features a 335-style body with a resonator
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2016 Rickenbacker 330

Clean as a whistle, pretty as a picture...sounds good too!
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Baker import

Info on these seems a little vague, but I believe this was imported from Korea, and maybe sold through Ed Roman? Whatever-it's a really nice guitar for short money. Mahogany body with a flame maple top. Bound ebony fingerboard, dual coil taps--sounds looks and plays great, and a fraction of what a US Baker would cost.
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2004 Fender Std Jazz Bass

left-handed Mexican-made Jazz bass, rosewood fingerboard, nice condition all around
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2015 Fender Mustang USA Ltd.

Made in the USA, Limited run. Ash body with walnut racing stripe Black Dove (P-90's) pickups, 24" scale length, tweed hardshell case
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Ovation CSE225 Doubleneck

6 and 12 string necks, electronics, hardshell case, excellent all around condition
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2015 Gretsch G-5034FT SYS

Dreadnaught Rancher with a Filtertron and a Bigsby! Rosewood back and sides. Not the biggest acoustic sound--we have it strung with electric strings because it's really meant to be played plugged in. Way too much fun playing an acoustic with a whammy bar. Comes with a gig bag. Very clean all-around condition
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