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1983 Fender Telecaster

What we have here is not only a guitar owned and played vigorously by the Master Roy Buchanan but we have a guitar that Roy actually worked on himself and it has the infamous “Roy Mod”. This modification has been spoke about, and inquiries were made to the current owner from well known guitar builders in Nashville to measure the very unlikely components used. But the mods (see pics) were never...
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Victoria Reverberato

You don't see this often. Come check it out!
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Epiphone Bluesmaster

Added pickup. Solid guitar.
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1964 Fender Bassman

Killer amp. It's seems some use but she sounds oh so sweet.
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Victoria 35310

Victoria's take on the classic 3x10 Bandmaster. This one is the TRUTH.
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Mosrite Mini Travel

These are a bit of an odd ball. You can tune this a bunch of different ways and still have a barrel of laughs.
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1987 Greco TRS-120 Device (with Spirit Energy)

I'm not sure the Spirit Energy is what makes this one so great, but it's really great. These play far beyond what they cost. Truly a nice guitar.
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Vox Handwired AC-15 (AC15H1TV)

Classic Vox tone in an easy to handle package.
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Epiphone Les Paul Standard

This started life as a Epiphone Les Paul Standard. The previous owner had the headstock converted to a G*bson style headstock. Features Duncan P-Rails and a TUSQ nut as well.
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Paul Reed Smith Singlecut SE

This one has some bumps and bruises. The nut needs to be replaced. Someone put a nut on that doesn't quite fit. Shockingly it still plays pretty well. Includes a gig bag.
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Guild A-150H

Do you need an arch top with a sliding pickup? No? Well, you should come try it out anyway. Let's get jazzy.
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~1970 Ovation 1231-1

This a quirky gem from everyone's favorite era: the 1970s. You don't see this very often. This on is in nice shape. You definitely won't see another one of these next time you go out to the gig.
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Eastwood Avante Moderne

Like a Moderne, but cheaper. This ones a super cool guitar that plays great from the money.
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~1980 Aria Pro II EX-800

Bring this bundle of hot shred back home to the family. This one is worth every penny.
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Fender Powercaster

Like New. Includes the hang tags and a gig bag.
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Epiphone Dot

Great guitar. No case included.
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2006 Rickenbacker 650D Dakota

A few nicks and dings, but overall it's in very very nice shape. Includes the original hard shell case.
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Fender Partscaster 63 Telecaster Clone

Very cool vintage style build. Sounds and plays great.
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Fender Warmoth 52 Telecaster

52 Telecaster RI body and a Warmoth Neck. This one has tone for days and days. Weeks even! Includes a gig bag.
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Fender Modern Player Telecaster

These are amazing guitars for the money. You can't go wrong here.
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Fender MIJ 73 RI Stratocaster

Vintage vibe on the cheap. Abigail pickups included.
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Fender MIJ 68 RI Reissue Stratocaster

Summon your inner Hendrix for less than a Grand. Modded with Abigail pickups.
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Fender Standard Stratocaster MIM

Modded with Bill Lawrence pickups.
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1964 Fender Telecaster

Played. Refretted. Refinished. Take it home and repeat. Includes a hard case.
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Danelectro Deluxe

Rare and very cool. 3 pickups and all of them sound great.
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Fender Made In Japan Traditional Jazzmaster

Just plain rad. Stand out from the pack! Includes a gig bag.
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1980 Aria Pro II Rev-Sound Bass RSB-800

A very cool bass from what some consider the Golden Era of Japanese guitars. It's a looker too!
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