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1957 Martin Style A

Nice vintage Martin Mando Style A. Includes a hard case.
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Fender Custom Shop Dual Professional

Designed by Bruce Zinky. These are a bit of a rarity, but it's a fantastic amp. If you play it I think you'll agree. 2 channels of handwired, point to point wired goodness. All piped through a set of Celestion speakers.There is a stain on the grille, but I'm sure it will come off with some persistance. Come take her away! Includes the original amp cover.
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LTD Ninja 600

Equipped with Seymur Duncans. It plays and feels good. Pointy but very cool. No case.
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Squier Pro Tone Thinline Telecaster

Still has the plastic on the guard. How often do you see that? Come get a great Tele for cheap money. Includes the gig bag.
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Aria PE500

Made in Japan LP guitar. Plays, sounds, and feels good. It has some wear and tear, but it's still a great playing axe. Includes a hardshell case.
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2017 Fender Deluxe Stratocaster

In my opinion these are some of the best bang for your buck Strats on the Market. This color really pops with the grain underneath. It's fantastic. Includes the stock Gen. 4 Noiseless and they are gorgeous sounding and ,above all, very quiet. Includes a gig bag.
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Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci JP6

Low action. Killer trem. Amazing tones. All for a killer price. Includes a hardshell case.
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Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray

Here's we have a killer bass for you to pick, slap, and pop to your heart's content. Sparkles for days and that killer stingray tone. You can't go wrong. It's in good shape. There is some wear on the headstock, but for the most part it's very clean. Includes a gig bag.
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1966 Fender Electric XII

It's in very good shape considering the year. All original and very cool. Get that clasic tone that you've heard on so many albums. Includes a non original hardshell case.
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2017 NS Design WAV

Very cool upright electric bass. Includes a bag, the stand, and a bow.
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2019 Ramsey #18

Locally made Mini Jumbo. All Solid wood. Engleman Spruce top with Indian rosewood neck, back, and sides. The fingerboard is ebony. Lots of cool inlays made from real abalone shells and natural wood binding. 2" neck at the nut. This neck is not for the faint of heart. It's wide, fat, and in charge. No case included.
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Tribute by G&L M-2000

A kiler bass for short dollars. Come try it out! I'm sure you'll love it.
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1988 Fender Jazz Bass Special Fretless

This is a great bass if you want a smooth buttery fretless. It's so effortless it is scary. The back plate has been replaced by some sort of fiberboard. Includes a hard case.
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Sterling by Music Man Fretless Ray34 CA

Get your Pino on for cheap money. Killer player and it sounds great.
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Warwick Pro Series Corvette

If you're looking for champagne quality on a beer budget then look no further. This bass sounds and feels like a much more expensive Warwick, but it's significantly less expensive. A few bumps and bruises, but for the most part it's very clean. Includes a hard shell case.
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2014 Lakland Decade Skyline

Rad bass. Cool Chi-Sonic Pickups. It's currently wearing flats, but this one sings like it should. This is a killer bass for pretty short money. You won't be disappointed with this one. Gig bag included
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2011 Gibson AJ Classic Koa

This guitar is a looker! Flamed Koa back and sides with an Adirondack Red Spruce top. The notes practically leap out of this one. It plays as great as it looks. Includes an original hardshell case.
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D'Angelico Excel SD400

This guitar is great and it won't ruin your wallet. It's just a solid playing and sounding guitar. Plus...did you see that headstock? How cool is that? Hard case included.
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1951 Martin D-28

Here's a nice find--this Martin D-28 sat in its case, unplayed or even looked at for over ten years. Amazingly, it lived to tell about it and survived in really good conditions. Brazilian Rosewood back and sides. All original except for the case. No cracks. Not even the infamous Martin pickguard crack! Bridgeplate is in good condition. Minor fretwear on the first three frets. At one point the top...
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Ibanez S1520 Prestige

Prestige. Power. Tone. They can all be had with this one. It's in nice shape and everything works as it should. Come get your shred on. Includes a hardshell case.
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Ibanez S470

If you're looking for a great shred stick this is right up your alley. It plays and sounds great. Includes custom Tesla pickups.
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1999 Epiphone Howard Roberts

This one is in nice shape and it plays well. No issues. Includes a Gibson case that is beat, but still functional.
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Burny Super Grade

A nice little LP style guitar for short money. Sounds, feels, and plays good. There a few nicks and dings. The only one worth mentioning is a finish crack on the heel of the neck. Includes a hard shell case.
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1992 Fender Precision Plus

Affectionately known as the Boner bass. These are killer basses. Great playability and very cool looking. The fingerboard is very pretty. The one flaw is that it is missing it's fine tuners. Other than that it's killer bass.
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1975 Gibson Ripper L9-S

IF you're looking for a unique bass tone and great playability this Ripper is a great buy. Overall, it is pretty clean. A previous owner relocated the strap pins to the back in a bid to keep the neck from diving. It also has some discoloration where your arm would sit on the body. Otherwise it has the normal wear and tear you'd expect from an older guitar. Includes the original hard case.
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LTD EC-1000

LP tone in a much more affordable package. Some say these are on par with American Gibsons. We'll let you be the judge. Comes with a hard shell case.
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Jackson Reverse Dinky

A nice little shredder for all of your shreddy needs. Includes a very nice original hard case.
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Ibanez S670 QM

Sounds and plays killer and it looks very very sharp. Includes a nice hardshell case.
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Schecter Blackjack SLS

Get your shred on...or get your sustain on. The guitar features a nice Floyd Rose and is a beauty. Duncan Full Shred in the bridge and a Sustainiac in the neck. This is one tricked out guitar. It even includes a very very nice hard shell case/
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2017 Gibson ES-339 Studio

335 tone in a LP sized package. The neck has had the gloss taken off, so it plays a little easier without sticking. Includes the original hard shell case.
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