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Found 119 matches

2014 Fender Road Worn Kurt Cobain Jaguar

You don't see these every day. It's in very nice shape. The pickups sound fantastic and it plays great. You smell that? I think it's Teen Spirit...OHSC included.
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1997 Juke 1210

Prototype for the legendary Juke 1210. Handwired. Handlettered. It's truly an amazing sounding amp.
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Taylor T-5S

Buy this and you can throw all of your other guitars away! Not really, but it is very nice and extremely versatile. It's in great shape and it's ready for a new owner! Includes the original hard shell case.
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Roland Space Echo RE-150

It's in good shape. Includes a brand new tape. It is missing a screw to hold the lid down, but otherwise it's all there.
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Deering Goodtime 6

It's a banjo, but also a guitar. It even has a pickup! How cool is that?
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Marshall 1974x with matching extension cab

If you're looking for a killer rig this will make you happy. Classic Marshall tone in a smaller and more managable package. Footswitch included.
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Supro 1610RT Comet

Very good condition. Ready to roll whenever you are.
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2015 Gibson Les Paul Special

Sounds good and plays good. It's looks might not be your cup of tea, but it's still a fantastic ax! Includes OHSC.
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Schecter S-1 Elite

Duncan Designed Pickups. Dripping in abalone. It could be yours. Come grab it while it's still available.
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Ibanez RG350DX

Come get your new shred stick! Unfortunately the tremolo bar is gone, but she still plays great.
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1991 Guild X-170

Beauty. Tone. So much Flame Maple! It plays every bit as good as it looks. There is a little wear on the pickup covers, but otherwise this guitar is as clean as you can ask. Includes the original HSC.
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2010 Epiphone Swingster

A fun little guitar. Gibson meets Gretsch, Includes the original hardshell case.
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1992 Epiphone Sheraton

One of the good ones. Made In Korea. These are made to a much higher standard of quality than the new ones. Includes a hardshell case.
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2011 Cort AS-E4

This guitar just plain sings. Plays and looks much more expensive than it is. Includes a hardshell case.
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2006 Martin 000C-16GTE

Sounds good and it's in great shape. Come try it out! Includes OHSC
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2015 Martin CEO 7

How neat is this? Big sound and a little body with all of the playability one could ask for. The neck was reset recently by one of the best luthiers in the country. Includes the OHSC.
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Cole Clark FL2AC

You don't see these often. It's a very nicely made instrument. Includes hard shell case.
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1978 Fender Telecaster

Solid Telecaster. It's exactly what you want out of a Telecaster. The bridge pickup is out for a rewind, but will be reinstalled when it comes back. Includes a hard case.
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Larrivee J-03

Very nice shape. Added Fishman pickup. This guitar sounds absolutely wonderful. Includes the OHSC
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Djembes From Africa

These come in a few sizes. Small Medium and Large. Hand carved in Africa . These are the real deal. Everyone is a bit different than the others. We ship! Small are $150, mediums are $199, and the large ones are $299
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Aguilar DB210

This one is in very nice shape. Comes with a fantastic padded cover.
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Aguilar Tweed DB115

Great cab. Includes a very nice cover.
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Aguilar DB750

Sounds great and is in great condition. Comes in the SKB rack case.
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1969 Dan Armstrong Lucite

Some guitars just drip cool. If you're looking for something to to turn heads as soon as the case opens this is it. It sound great. It's a bit on the hefty side, but all of these are. You just gotta play through it. There is a ding on the back on the neck and on the peak of the headstock. It's very clean otherwise. Includes the original hardshell case.
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2000 Gibson R7 1957 Goldtop Reissue Les Paul

Here we have a killer goldtop for sale. It's in nice shape. Plays and sounds fantastic. The previous owner added another strap button by the heel, but other than that it's incrediblly clean. Included the original hardshell case.
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Fender 52 American Vintage Reissue Telecaster

Like owning a lightly used blackguard! Upgraded with a new nut and compensated brass saddles. Originals in case. There are some chips in the finish that are pictured, but she's in overall great shape..
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2011 Gibson Les Paul Traditional

If you want a solid Les Paul this is the one. It's nice and light (for a Les Paul). It also happens to sound fantastic! There is some wear on the back from being played. Buckle marks and scratches, but it's nothing too intense. Comes with the original hard shell case.
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2015 Gibson Les Paul Junior

One pickup. 2 knobs. No mercy. Sounds and plays like a Junior. THe neck profile is a touch wide, but that's how they came in 2015. Includes original hardshell case.
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1967 Fender Stratocaster

VIntage. Vibe. Cool factor. Oh and it plays amazing! There is some honest wear on the neck and body, but nothing crazy. She was refretted but this is simply a guitar that got played, but was well cared for over the years. THey had to keep her going somehow. I've included several pictures on the interior, but if you'd like any others please don't hesitate to ask! Comes with a hardshelll case.
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~1968 Guild T-100 Slim Jim

THis one is a player. She's got some wear, but who doesn't? The neck feels great and the pickups sound wonderful. A great vintage buy for way less than a lot of other brands. Includes the original hard case.
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