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Found 42 matches

Carvin HF-2 Fatboy

Alan Holdsworth model, chunky neck, Wilkenson trem, gold hardware, coiltaps, light weight, really clean all around condition
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1974 Guild M-75 Bluesbird

gold hardware, bumps and bruises, but plays well, and sounds nice. Frets are fine The pickguard looks like like white paper melted on to the black pickguard, but looking closely, it's just heavy pickwear.
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Not dead mint, but really clean condition all around--a nice one!
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~1960 Kay Value Leader

Single pickup version, 60's
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1994 Froggy Bottom D

Built by Michael Millard back in 1994, nice Koa back and sides, ebony fretboard, tight grain spruce top. Looks great, sounds great--and will cost you a WHOLE lot less than a new one!
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1995 Fender Foto Flame

Japanese-made--Foto Flame is just what it says it is--a photo of flamey wood! Great feeling neck--sounds good too!
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Silvertone/Harmony 1423 Jupiter

Sears-branded version of the Harmony Jupiter--sounds/looks great!
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1997 Fender Roland Ready Stratocaster

American Standard Strat with built-in Roland Guitar Synth pickup
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Silvertone (Teisco) 759.1437

Teisco-made, 4 pickups with on/off switches, Solo/Rhythm switch, tremolo--pretty cool!
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Silvertone 319.14459

Can't say I've ever seen one of these before! Japanese-made, late 60's or early 70's. Mosrite-esque body (quite flamey), bound neck, 3 single coils w/on-off switches, tremolo (missing the arm)
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1967 HOFNER 500/1 Beatle

All original except the case, some finish checking/wear, missing the pickguard--got that sound!
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1941 Epiphone Adelphi

Plays nicely, sounds great, looks cool, but has some binding shrinkage. Comes with it's original hardshell case
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1978 Ibanez 2681 Bob Weir

So clean it looks like a reissue (but it's not!) Original hard case is not quite so clean, but the guitar....
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Modulus Graphite Quantum 4

pretty and light weight--oh..sounds and plays great too!
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1997 Fender Noel Redding Jazz

Made in Japan, limited edition, signed by the late Hendrix bassist on the body, new old stock
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Fender John Jorgensen Hellecaster Strat

New old stock, still as the plastic on the pickguard. Limited Edition, crafted in Japan, reverse headstock, sparkle finish, gold sparkle dot inlays, 22 jumbo frets and Schaller locking tuners. Seymour Duncan custom-voiced, split-coil, hum-cancelling pickups, five-way pickup selector switch with an additional push/pull control allowing seven tone variations. two-pivot-point tremolo,...
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Yamaha SGV 800

New old stock-came to us in it's original box without a case. Looks cool, plays great, sounds awesome
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1987 Alembic Persuader

Neck-thru construction, oval inlays, single-coil and split-coil pickups, 3 controls knobs
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1989 Rickenbacker Roger McGuiin 12-string

Hard to come by-1000 made total- bound cat's eye soundhole, maple neck, rosewood fretboard,, 3 toaster top pickups, active treble booster, 1-21/32" nut, 24-3/4" scale, one small ding on the back
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1976 Rickenbacker 360

Nice all around condition, rare color
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~1990 Fender 35th Anniversary Stratocaster

New old stock. Put away by a Fender dealer, never sold. #392 of 500 made between 1989 and 1991. Silver Lace Sensor pickups, figured maple top and neck, locking tuners
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2013 David Thomas McNaught Phoenix Rising

Diamond Quilt top, mahogany back and neck, Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard, Tone Pros bridge, Wagner "Iron Man" pickups, coil tap
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~1968 Harmony Jazz Artist H-68

Heavy solid spruce top, solid maple back, pickups are single coils These were made between 1968-1972. All original condition
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2014 Froggy Bottom H-Deluxe

Made next door in Vermont, OM size, Adirondack spruce top, Indian rosewood back and sides, excellent all around condition
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2014 Gibson Les Paul Doublecut

2nd cutaway at no extra charge! Very clean all around condition-nice!
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unknown 3 pickup Japanese-made Hollowbody

Late 60's Japanese-made thin hollowbody. Diamond inlay on the headstock (Aria?), but no brand name. 3 single coil pickups, tremolo, slim neck, very clean all around condition, no case
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~1964 Vox AC30

Non-top boost, missing handles (we have one, but it's broken) ac plug replaced with grounded 3-prong, tremolo depth pot replaced with push/pull, caps replaced, wheels added (it's hefty, but we have the rubber feet)
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Manual Fernandez Flamenco

Made in Spain, sounds/plays great
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Dekley 12 string steel

12 strings, 5 floor pedals, 4 knee levers, all around excellent condition
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