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Ibanez AFB200

Big hollow bodied bass. Loos and sounds great. Sorry, no case with it
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Carvin Fretless

Fretless with lines on the fingerboard. Not sure of he model. Neck through body. Guessing from the 80's or 90's
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Vox Cambridge Reverb

From the late 60's-early 70's, solid state, 1-12, original stand and footswitch
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1979 Fender® Stratocaster®

Very clean except a Carvin humbucker installed at the bridge. I would assume that it's routed to fit the pickup
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1962 Burns of London Orbit Three

Solid State and very cool. Three ten inch original speakers, reverb and tremolo
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2013 Martin 000-28

The classic 000--save big time over the cost of a new one. This one's hardly been touched!
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2000 Taylor 712ce

Spruce top, rosewood back and sides, Fishman electronics, unusual wide nut (1-7/8")--must have been a special order
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Benedict Groovemaster

Hand-crafted in Minneapolis, MN. Semi-hollow "S"-style with F-hole. Figured neck with Brazilian Rosewood board. Lil' 59 pickup at the bridge (splitable), vintage Duncan in the middle, and a Rio Grande at the neck. There is also an acoustic pickup that's been removed, and is currently residing in the case. Hard to come by-nice!
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Ovation Custom Legend 1869

US-made acoustic/electric, all around great shape of the edges of the headstock seems to be missing. You might not even notice unless you're eagle-eyed, but..full disclosure!
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1958 Gibson SJ

A player---pro job headstock repair. Pretty invisible, back of the neck refinished. Replaced pickguard and tuners. Refretted. Added LR Baggs soundhole pickup. Got that sound you've been wanting!
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~1973 Gurian S3R

Made locally back in the early 70's, these still surface once in awhile. Solid spruce top and solid rosewood back and sides. Pickup added (K&K I think) Sounds and plays just great.
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Silvertone 1454

Harmony -made in the late 60's or early 70's, bridge replaced with bone saddle inset, 3 pickups and a Bigsby--what more do you need!
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Yamaha BB East

High end Yamaha 5-string, Nathan East (Eric Clapton) model. Knobs changed, but other than that super clean and nice. Hard to find.
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2007 Nash Contoured E

Basically, this is the Jeff Beck Esquire in a different color, with a different neck. We had 3 of the limited run Becks that came out in 06, sold them, loved them, but for me, that boat neck was just too big, so I ordered this with a good sized (but not huge) neck that has a rosewood fingerboard, and a soft V profile. Always wanted a red one, so...This has a stacked Duncan humbucker that gives...
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1997 Taylor 855/12

Jumbo body, added Fishman soundhole pickup hard wired to the end pin jack. Like most Taylor's, it plays and sounds great
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Martin D-18 Short Scale

Unusual short scale version of the old classic.
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Loar LH-700

solid spruce top, flame maple back and sides, all hand carved, nitro finish, beautifully made
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2006 Paul Reed Smith McCarty Hollowbody I

Here's a little beauty. Bird inlays, piezo pickup, great shape all around, 10 top
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Harmony Rocket

Nice all around condition, gold foil pickups
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Robin Ranger

Reverse headstock, maple fingerboard, Duncan pickup at the bridge, guessing Rio Grande for the middle pickup
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1964 Gibson Johnny Smith

Two floating pickups, recent refret by Jimmy Millenchuk--Wow!
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1975 Gibson L6S

Very clean all around condition, stock Bill Lawrence pickups
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Epiphone Broadway

Big jazz box, great shape all around
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Santa Cruz VJ

Slope shoulder, Sitka top, mahogany back and sides, ebony fretboard, recent neck reset by Tucker Barrett, plays and sounds incredible
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1963 Gibson SG SPECIAL

All stock, no issues, just a really nice one
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2002 Taylor NS42-CE

Acoustic electric nylon string, rosewood back and sides
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1967 Martin D-28

Starting with the obvious, it has a Brazilian Rosewood back and sides, wide grain spruce top with one repaired crack on the lower bout bass side. There is some dis-coloring on the lower bout treble side, guessing from a strap or case. One repaired crack on the back lower bout treble side. Minor fret wear. On the edge of needing a neck reset, but certainly very playable as is if you like your...
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Epitome Lap Steel

Cool looking and sounding, guessing that it's made by Harmony
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