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1995 Bourgeois JOM-C Maple

*Jumbo OM Cutaway *A Maple Powerhouse! *Abalone Rosette / Rosewood Binding We've been enjoying maple lately, learning about what it does and how it needs to be treated to achieve its potential. Here's a great example; it's what we call in Martin terms a 0000, or quadruple 0, which derived from their F size, the largest of their brief archtop models. The maple is fabulous! Deep tiger...
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2019 Bourgeois J-35

* As-New Mint Copndition * Figured Mahogany and Torrified Adirondack Spruce * Fourteen Fret Slope Shouldered Body * Firestripe Pickguard Made for the Bourgeois NAAM display, which always get the best woods and newest models, this is a slope-shouldered fourteen-fret gibson style jumbo body with incredibly figured mahogany back & sides, a torrified Sitka spruce top (by the company...
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1998 Bourgeois A-250 Custom

*Cedar Top *Flame Walnut Back, Sides and Neck *Excellent Condition Quite a beautifully made guitar, with cedar top and fancy flamed walnut back and sides. The detailing is exquisite, with subtleties such as a carved ebony tailpiece, bound f-holes and a pearl truss-rod cover. The neck is slightly wider than most archtops, at 1 ¾" x 2 3/16" with a roomy "C" shape. Condition is excellent,...
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1924 B & D Super 5-String

* Original Five-String * Inset Resonator and Knee-Mute * Fantastic Condition * Fantastically Rare * Fantastic Tone! Here we have a clean, extremely rare 5-string banjo produced after David Day joined with Fred Bacon in 1922 to form the Bacon & Day Banjo Co. As always, B&D instruments contained superbly delicate adornments in terms of wood selection and pearl inlaid designs on the...
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1965 Silvertone 1454

* Silvertone 1454 Vintage 1965 * DeArmond Silverfoil Pickups * Factory Bigsby * Excellent Condition Silvertone guitars were produced by Harmony for sale at Sears. The 1454 was sold as a top of the line model. I love guitars like these that seem to fly under the radar, at least they used too! The guitar is all original except for the replacement Pat Pending Grover tuners. With three...
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1988 Gibson ES-335 Studio Vintage

* Gibson ES-335 Studio Vintage 1988 * Original Reproduction Cali-Girl Hardshell Case * Dirty Fingers Pick-Ups The very first run of the ES-335 Studio was from 1986-1991. Much loved and well taken care of this 335 even has the original sales stick on the back control plate cover. The Studio model has some stream lined features like no f-holes and no pick up covers, offering a no frills...
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~1971 Gibson Byrdland

* Gibson Byrdland Vintage Circa 1971 * Norlin Era The Gibson Byrdland Thinline Hollowbody was unveiled in 1955 and was created in consultation with Nashville sessions musicians Billy Byrd and Hank Garland. Hence the portmanteau "Byrdland". This one is a Norlin Era example in very fine condition. It does have replaced pickup covers and speed dials added. The body has a solid carved spruce top...
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2015 Ryan Thorell Sweet "E"

* By Ryan Thorell of Logan Utah * Hand-Carved Luthier Built Jazz Box * All Solid with Floating Pickup Ryan Thorell is a successful builder of modern archtops, building each one entirely by hand in Logan, Utah. He has a number of notable customers, including Frank Vignola, George Cole, Tommy Emanuel and Adam Miller. This Sweet E is fully hand-carved 16" box out of maple back, sides and...
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1920 Martin 0-21

* Brazilian Rosewood and Adirondack Spruce * Twelve Frets / Slotted Peghead * Excellent Restoration A nicely restored single 0 that's mostly original - the back was oversprayed or refinished to mitigate the appearance of several cracks (now all solid and not an eyesore) mainly in one area of the lower back. The top is very clean considering the vintage and has one very tight crack and a...
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1997 Schoenberg 000C Standard

*Custom / Hand Made Top Quality *Twelve-Frets / Slotted Head / Cutaway *Adirondack Spruce & Brazilian Rosewood *French Polish Finish This superb 12-fret 000 cutaway was custom made in Schoenberg Guitars' Massachusetts shop, out of Adirondack spruce and Brazilian rosewood. The woods are spectacular; the rosewood is classic dark-with-plenty-of-spider webbing (the thin black lines running thru...
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2000 Schoenberg 000C Standard

* Twelve-Fret 000 Cutaway * European or Adirondack Spruce Top * East Indian Rosewood Back & Sides * Fishman Rare-Earth Pickup Installed Made in Schoenberg's MA shop, builders at the time were John Slobod and Julius Borges. It is a twelve-fret 000 body with cutaway, designed as an attempt to meld the qualities of the two best steel-string styles of all time, the 12-fret 000 and the...
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1921 Bacon Artist Model

* Top of the Bacon Line * Carved Maple and Spruce * Made by the Bacon Banjo Co., Groton, CT This rare mandolin was made during the same era as the Gibson F-4 and the Lyon & Healy Style A, with comparable craftmanship and tonal quality. These uniquely shaped instruments, with four distinctive "points" were made in Groton, Connecticut by the Bacon Banjo Company and endorsed by mandolin...
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2008 Schoenberg Quartet

*Grand Piano Guitar *The First 0000 12-Fret Cutaway *Amazon Rosewood and European Spruce *A Trance Audio Pickup Has Been Installed *Builder: Randall Kramer of Truckee, CA. The first Quartet, Schoenberg's groundbreaking 12-Fret 0000, build by Randall Kramer out of Amazon rosewood and European spruce, in excellent condition except for a repaired center seam separation. The title of 'Quartet'...
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1932 Martin OM-28

*Excellent Condition *Adirondack Spruce and Brazilian Rosewood *Fourteen Frets, Long Scale *No Cracks, No Issues A powerful OM with clarity and warmth and full playability. The top and the back of the peghead have been refinished or oversprayed, everything else is as original including braces. The finish on the back of the neck has had the gloss buffed down, something we do often to remove...
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2021 Fraulini Fenezia

* Leadbelly Style Low C * 26 1/2" (Baritone) Scale Length *Galiano "Auditorium" Style Jumbo From the builder, Todd Cambio, "The Fraulini Guitar Company is dedicated to providing traditional musicians with instruments that are modeled after the classic designs of the true Golden Era of guitar construction, the early 20th century. All instruments are built entirely by hand, using the...
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~1985 Lundberg Leadbelly 12-String

* Copy of Leadbelly's Famous Stella Twelve-String *Made by Frank Ford and Mario Martello One of eight guitars produced through John Lundberg's Berkeley shop, German spruce tops, bodies were made by Frank Ford of Gryphon Instruments while neck and finish was by Mario Martello. It is designed as an accurate copy of Leadbelly's famous Stella, with the Jumbo body, 26 ½" scale, accurate...
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1953 Gibson LG-3 Custom

Unique Twelve Fret Classical Neck Two Inch Nut Width Excellent Condition Recent Neck Reset Long Scale From the company of weird comes the weirdest. This is a unique LG-3 with a bunch of classical guitar attributes, intended to be played with either steel or nylon strings: 12 frets to the body, 25 ⅜" scale length, big, wide neck that's almost 2" wide at the nut, X braced with...
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1954 Fender Stratocaster

A gorgeous and rich sounding example of the iconic first year of the 1954 Stratocaster. This guitar will grab you and take you away to sonic paradise. It just feels and sounds right in so many ways. Acoustically played it is very resonate and sweet sounding. Plugged in it swaggers with a soulful charm and sparkle. The bass is round and sweet natured, the mids are perfectly balanced providing the...
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1932 Gibson HG-20

Gibson's first Hawaiian guitar, made to be played Hawaiian lap-style or standard "Spanish" style, and their first dreadnaught shaped body, tho it's slightly smaller than their L-00. It's an underappreciated odd duck, but has a lot going for it. It has a standard round soundhole and four f-holes with an internal baffle that they called "double-rimmed". It comes down from the top almost to the back...
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~1910 Vega None

The Vega company, which had evolved out of the AC Fairbanks company, was the foremost maker of classical banjos, revered for its incredible artistic engraved pearl work. They made guitars as well, this one being the best example that I've seen, due to the expert rebracing as X-braced, as well as other restoration work. It's 00 sized (14.5") and a little deeper at 4.5". And it is adorned with a...
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2008 Martin Perry Bechtel Custom

The Prototype for Gryphon Instruments Custom Limited Edition Brazilian Rosewood and Adirondack Spruce Patterned After the First OM-28 This incredible guitar was the prototype for a small batch of customs by Gryphon Guitars. The main difference from all the later ones is this one has Brazilian rosewood back & sides. Other specs are the same: top is Adirondack spruce, it has a slotted...
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1923 Gibson F-5

Loar Signed Near Mint Non Virzi Lloyd Loar signed, June 13, 1923, in superb original condition with its original hard shell case. Non Virzi, there's wear on the tailpiece cover, otherwise it's mint, pickguard is in the case.
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1980 Jimmy D'Aquisto New Yorker Deluxe 7-String

1980 Jimmy D'Aquisto New Yorker Deluxe 7-String 11% off
A rare 18" Seven-String, serial #1140, recorded in the builder's ledger as delivered on 6/18/80 and signed by Jimmy on both the top and back, with a date of May 6, 1980 on the top. This is one of only eight acoustic seven-strings made, in excellent condition. It came over from England to our shop, before which it's been dormant for the last six years and needs someone to wake it up. It's a...
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~1938 Regal R90 Archtop Harp Guitar

*Unique Top Quality * Longest String:: 35.25" Scale * Hand Carved Spruce Top * 14-Frets To Body * Slot-Heads Extremely rare, this 12-string carved top guitar is Regal's highest grade highest grade Harp Guitar. Essentially their Model 5250 with the added bass neck, which has the benefit of being extra long scale allowing for more accurate bass production, this guitar has a hand-rubbes...
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2012 Schoenberg Larson Cutaway

2012 Schoenberg Larson Cutaway 10% off
Built by Robert Anderson of Victoria, B.C., this guitar takes its influence from the guitars of the Larson Brothers, the Chicago builders who rivaled Martin in quality, if not in numbers. The fascination with the Larsons comes from the different way they put their guitars together. Their patent called their method, "built under tension" construction. On our Larson models we focus on this style of...
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