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2019 Schoenberg Quartet

Twelve-Fret 0000 Cutaway The "Grand Piano" of the Schoenberg Llne Italian Spruce and Koa Brand new, out of Italian spruce and Hawaiian Koa, this model is our Grand Piano: extremely rich and deep as well as sweet and clean. This body style gives a more responsive and clear tone than the usual big deep-bodied guitar. The build is by Randall Kramer of Truckee, CA, and it's a fine example...
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2008 Blazer & Henkes San Antonio 28

Brazilian rosewood and Austrian Alpine moon spruce Virtually Accurate 1930 OM-28 Reproduction Rudy Blazer and Willi Henkes, building in Tuebingen, Germany, are responsible for some of the best guitars on the planet built in the Martin tradition. This OM, called their San Antonio model, is based on a 1930 OM-28, with herringbone purfling, white binding and traditional OM string spacing. This a...
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1960 Gibson Country Western

A gorgeous mint condition example of a true American icon, slope-shouldered gib jumbo out of mahogany and spruce, natural finished. The bursts are called Southern Jumbo, and these two models are the higher grade models from the J-50 and J-45, having bound fretboards with parallelogram inlays, a pearl flower inlay on the pegged, more purling lines and higher grade wood choices. This one is super...
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1928 Bacon Peerless Guitar-Banjo

Six-String Banjo, Tuned as a Guitar Excellent Condition and Setup By Bacon & Day This is the higher grade version of the Peerless and thus has the Silverbell tonering, inlaid peghead, flame maple neck and resonator and tulip flange. It has been fitted with a modern Oettenger tailpiece and calfskin head, and has a straight neck/frets and excellent low action and slim C shape neck. As...
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1945 Martin D-28

Condition isn't everything; these are tools, deliverers of music. But every once in a while, a guitar like this shows up and its thrilling to partake of its beauty. It's been played, but babied. There is one mishap: a finish ding on the side by the endpin, about 1" x 1 3/4", with no damage to the wood. Otherwise, there's minor pick scratches on the top, no cracks, apparently all original parts...
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1926 Martin 000-18

Twelve Fret Neck / Slotted Peghead Feather-Light Construction Set Up for Steel-Strings Light as a feather with an absolutely gigantic sound, this guitar combines the feather weight of early small parlor guitars with what was then a gigantic size, to give a unique richness and depth of tone. Think of a fabulous extra-light OM-18 and then add the tremendous effect of the longer 12-fret body, a...
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1980 Jimmy D'Aquisto New Yorker Deluxe 7-String

1980 Jimmy D'Aquisto New Yorker Deluxe 7-String 11% off
A rare 18" Seven-String, serial #1140, recorded in the builder's ledger as delivered on 6/18/80 and signed by Jimmy on both the top and back, with a date of May 6, 1980 on the top. This is one of only eight acoustic seven-strings made, in excellent condition. It came over from England to our shop, before which it's been dormant for the last six years and needs someone to wake it up. It's a...
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~1938 Regal R90 Archtop Harp Guitar

*Unique Top Quality * Longest String:: 35.25" Scale * Hand Carved Spruce Top * 14-Frets To Body * Slot-Heads Extremely rare, this 12-string carved top guitar is Regal's highest grade highest grade Harp Guitar. Essentially their Model 5250 with the added bass neck, which has the benefit of being extra long scale allowing for more accurate bass production, this guitar has a hand-rubbes...
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2012 Schoenberg Larson Cutaway

2012 Schoenberg Larson Cutaway 10% off
Built by Robert Anderson of Victoria, B.C., this guitar takes its influence from the guitars of the Larson Brothers, the Chicago builders who rivaled Martin in quality, if not in numbers. The fascination with the Larsons comes from the different way they put their guitars together. Their patent called their method, "built under tension" construction. On our Larson models we focus on this style of...
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