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1968 Martin D-235S

12-fret Dreadnoughts are a specialized society - a certain class of extra-discerning afficianados are aware of the unique set of characteristics inherent in the better examples of these models. The most important aspect of the better examples is the small bridgeplate, which ended somewhere in 1968 or '69. This D-35S may be among the last of those, and as a result has a deep, thick, rich tone that...
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1931 Gibson SS Stewart

An extremely rare (though a different one from our last one a month ago!) 12-fret L-2 style flat-top, x-braced, pin bridge feather-weight powerhouse of a guitar. We (and everyone else) learned about these from Roy Book Binder, who's been touring with one the last few years. It's pretty much the equivalent of the spruce/mahogany (we know of one rosewood one) argentine grey, gold sparkle-bound L2,...
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1913 Gibson L-2T

An extremely rare rosewood TG-2 in fine, all original condition, with one large area of pick wear under the pickguard. Rosewood Gibsons are quite rare, and as six-stringers, are extremely good sounding and valuable. The body is exactly the same dimensions as the 6-string versions with a scale length of 24 1/8". This would be a relatively easy conversion to six-string/pin bridge. The FON number,...
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~1974 Gibson L-6S

1974 Gibson L6-S All maple solid body and neck, produced from 1973 to 1980. The model was somewhat of a departure for Gibson, with its phenomenal Bill Lawrence designed sealed ceramic super-humbucking pickups and 6-way selector switch, making it an extremely versatile and comfortable axe. STRING SPACING 1 ⅝" x 2" SCALE 24 ¾" SIZE 13 ⅜" x 1...
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~1930 Epiphone Seville Style 4

Extremely rare and early Epiphone, made not long after the company started building guitars; previously they made gorgeous high-end banjos, then started their guitar line with the Recording Models, which morphed into this line of Seville models. The Recording Models ran from A to E, with E being the top; The Sevilles were numbered 0 to 4, making this one the top of the line, though the model came...
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1932 CF Martin OM-28

A much played and much loved vintage OM, with lots of finish wear and dings and scratches, yet fully original and structurally healthy with just one minor back crack. The guitar came from TJ Thompson, and was setup and vetted by him. The unique characteristic is the amazing tone of an extremely played-in 85 year old guitar; it has more power, volume and depth than most any OM that I can remember,...
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1935 CF Martin D-28

A very fine example, in excellent condition and original except for new bridge and frets. Its tone is everything you would expect from this early of a 14-fret D-28, being startlingly powerful and deep, with amazing volume. The neck is a fairly large, soft V, has been reset?the action is low with a high saddle. There's very little pick wear, a few minor dings, the owner was one of those people who...
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1938 CF Martin 000-21

A true beauty, this is an all original (including its hard shell case) nicely set up guitar. It's on its second owner since we sold it, probably 15 years ago, and is in excellent condition. From late 1938, it has the lower X braces and a wonderful feeling 1 3/4" at-the-nut neck. There are no cracks, a myriad of finish micro-checking, and a compensated saddle. The tone is throaty and rich.
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1966 Epiphone FT-98 Troubadour

By Gibson The "Folk" Model, Jumbo Version Spruce and Maple Lightly Built thus Big Sound Wide, Thin Neck with Flat Fingerboard Probably Gibson's best sounding (by far!) guitar of the period, and extremely rare. They called it their Folk model, able to be strung with steel or nylon strings with a two inch wide, 12-fret classical style neck and extra light bracing. We needn't concern ourselves...
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1947 Gibson L-12-P

Rare Model with Cutaway Excellent Condition Sunburst Finish, Elevated Fretboard One Model Below the L-5 A level above the L-7, with gold-plated parts and more finely carved top, this represents a super bargain among vintage Gibson archtop cutaways. The tuners have been replaced, and possibly the pickguard, and it's been played. Otherwise it's a gorgeous jazz box, great set up and sounding...
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1943 Martin 000-18

Fourteen Frets T0-The-Body Adirondack or European Spruce Top, Mahogany B & S Excellent, Original Condition Feather-Light Build No Issues! Not much to say on this one. Collector condition; All original but the saddle and vintage-correct unslotted Antique Acoustics bridge pins. Fresh neck reset. Very low action; superb playability. No cracks on any surface. Ebony rod neck and wartime...
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~1932 Oahu Nick Lucas

• Chicago Made • Flat Top, Arched Back, Long Scale • Sunburst with Gold Leaf Floral On Top • Original Round Neck • Low Action, Exc. Condition Super rare Chicago-made (by Kay/Stromberg-Voisinette) Jumbo, basically a Nick Lucas body. Back and sides are maple, with the back most likely being laminated. Bracing is the more rare and higher quality X style. Also rare is the original round neck,...
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1934 Martin 000-45

•Long Scale, Fourteen Fret •TJ Thompson Restoration We all know that OMs were built from 1929 through 1933, and at the beginning of '34 the name was changed to 000. However, the specs didn't actually change for a number of months, when the scale was shortened by a half inch to lessen the tension from the heavy strings of the day. Thus these earlier '34 000s are actually OMs in everything but...
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1928 Gibson F-5

•Beautiful Post-Loar F-5 Fern •100% Original •Master Model Label #86104 •Excellent Condition, Best Tone! One of the most beautiful post-Loar F-5's, this Fern is in gorgeous condition and 100% original, with a period rectangular hard shell case. Master Model label. The only blemish is the slight wear on the "The Gibson" tailpiece cover. The best aspect of this instrument is its...
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1924 Gibson L-5

Lloyd Loar Signed L-5 Master Model A Loar-era Master Model in superb condition that's been back to the factory ages ago. They apparently replaced the neck, retaining the original fingerboard, peghead veneer and tuners, but changing the heel to the later rounded style. At the same time the body was refinished. It has the standard birch back & sides of the period, and is signed by Lloyd Loar. It's...
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1980 Jimmy D'Aquisto New Yorker Deluxe 7-String

A rare 18" Seven-String, serial #1140, recorded in the builder's ledger as delivered on 6/18/80 and signed by Jimmy on both the top and back, with a date of May 6, 1980 on the top. This is one of only eight acoustic seven-strings made, in excellent condition. It came over from England to our shop, before which it's been dormant for the last six years and needs someone to wake it up. It's a...
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1945 Martin 000-21

All original, excellent condition except for one crunch in the top at the edge of lower bout, treble side. The Brazilian rosewood is quartersawn and beautiful, there's much finish crazing, the tone is strong, punchy and full. 1945 is a very interesting year for Martin, just after they stopped scalloping the braces, and replaced them with very light "tapered" braces, which got heavier each year...
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1934 Martin 000-18

* Long Scale * Original Condition * Adirondack Spruce/Mahogany Long scale, excellent condition except for a cross grain break in the treble side. Martin converted their 000 models from long to short scale in early 1934, taking off 1/2" to lessen tension from the predominent heavy gauge strings of the period. Nowadays we have light gauge strings and can benefit from that extra bit of...
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~1938 Regal R90 Archtop Harp Guitar

*Unique Top Quality * Longest String:: 35.25" Scale * Hand Carved Spruce Top * 14-Frets To Body * Slot-Heads Extremely rare, this 12-string carved top guitar is Regal's highest grade highest grade Harp Guitar. Essentially their Model 5250 with the added bass neck, which has the benefit of being extra long scale allowing for more accurate bass production, this guitar has a hand-rubbes...
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1938 Gibson TG-7 Spec.

* Carved Top & Back Tenor Guitar * Four-String Version of the L-7 * Spruce/Maple with "Picture Frame" Inlays * Extremely Rare Version Carved top & back tenor guitars are pretty rare, and this is a particularly rare and fine one, the 4-string version of the 17" wide L-7. It's sunburst, X-braced, in fully original and excellent condition. The label says it's a TG-7 Spec., which may refer to the...
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~1933 Gibson F-5

• Early Flowerpot, Block Inlay Example • 1929 Serial Number, 1933 Shipping Date • Top Revoiced by Don MacCrostie A fine sounding Flowerpot F-5, with block inlays starting at the 3rd fret, the straight "Gibson" peghead logo, and a "Made in USA" label under the treble ?-hole. The serial # is from 1929 and records indicate a 1933 shipment date, according to Spann's Guide to Gibson, while the...
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2012 Schoenberg Larson Cutaway

Our newest creation, built by Robert Anderson of Victoria, B.C. This guitar takes its influence from the guitars of the Larson Brothers, the Chicago builders who rivaled Martin in quality, if not in numbers. The fascination with the Larsons comes from the different way they put their guitars together. Their patent called their method, "built under tension" construction. On our Larson models we...
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~1940 Gibson Nick Lucas Special

The penultimate Nick Lucas, serial #96001, very probably ordered and owned by Nick Lucas himself, records show it was picked up at the factory on 9/7/41, along with the adjacent serial #, 96002, the very last Nick Lucas, that had just been repaired for Lucas. Production on the model had officially ended in 1938, with just these two being made three years later. The configuration is very...
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1924 Gibson RB-4 Trapdoor

An Original 5-String Trap-Door RB-4 Excellent Original Condition Original Ivoroid Pickguard An extremely rare early Gibson top-of-the-line five-string banjo, and one of the finest examples. From what's known as the "trap-door" style in which the flat resonator is hinged so that it can be played closed or open, thus making the banjo the first vari-tone Gibson. These models also happen to be...
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