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This is a landline NOT a cell phone. do NOT text. Calls accepted 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Sunday. E mails answered same day!! Thanks

Checks and money orders, I hate pay pal but will use if if you insist and YOU pay the pay pal fees. buyer pays for shipping and I handle the insurance side of it, greatly reducing your shipping cost

Shipping is normally UPS Ground or Fed Ex ground saving unless otherwise requested by buyer. In this case the buyer pays for any overnight and express shipping.

Full cash refund if instrument does not check to be what I claim it to be.

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1969 Gibson Les Paul Standard Early 69

This is an all original REARLY 1969 Les Paul Standard with all original parts & P90s. It came to me with the top stripped natural (see pics). I had Mirabella Guitars and Restorations, the king of the LP conversion for decades, and world re-known for his craftsmanship and lutherie/finishing skills, shoot the top only Gold with the same paint and nitro they used in the old days. This is a one piece...
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