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Checks and money orders, I hate pay pal but will use if if you insist and YOU pay the pay pal fees. buyer pays for shipping and I handle the insurance side of it, greatly reducing your shipping cost

Shipping is normally UPS Ground or Fed Ex ground saving unless otherwise requested by buyer. In this case the buyer pays for any overnight and express shipping.

Full cash refund if instrument does not check to be what I claim it to be.

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1978 Fender Champ

1978 Fender Champ Here we have a super clean 1978 Fender champ amplifier in super clean working condition. Sounds great. Nice vintage piece with super clean original speaker As we said the serial number dates to 1978. Plus shipping...will ship on my insurance so shipping is minimal to you
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2013 Gibson Les Paul LPJ

2013 Gibson LPJ The Gibson LPJ, only built for two (2) years 2013 & 14) offers all the ingredients that made the most desirable Les Paul Standards legendary—classic tonewoods, innovative hardware, two genuine humbucking pickups, and of course Gibson's acclaimed build quality and playability—all wrapped up in a stripped-down, no-nonsense inexpensive package that makes this guitar a flat-out...
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2015 Fender Stratocaster HH

2015 Fender Standard Strat HH Black: For modern guitarists who want heavy and aggressive tone, this super clean & sleek black Fender Standard Stratocaster HH is armed with two Blacktop open-coil humbucking pickups with chrome/black bobbins that deliver massive high-gain power. Sleek and supercharged, it's built to match the intensity of any playing style, with other distinctive features including...
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2019 Fender Stratocaster AVRI Original 50's

American Original '50s Stratocaster Here we have a MINT and basically brand new 2019 American Original AVRI '50s Stratocaster in a stunning Aztec Gold finish of gloss nitrocellulose lacquer ad light weighing in at only 7-3/4 pounds! Everything that came with this guitar is with the guitar and in mint condition as is the awesome G&G case. Ashtray cover, whammy bar, all candy paperwork and the...
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1957 Gibson J200

1957 Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard Here we have a 1957 Brazilian rosewood fretboard that came off a 1957 J 200. I bought the J 200 with some work to be done as somebody had tried to do a neck reset on it and cut through the board at that 14th or 15th fret area, but it is in the fret groove. It is Brazilian, it is excellent with no divits or any real wear. Would be used on either J 200 and one...
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2002 Gibson 1958 Historic Reissue

2002 Gibson 1958 Historic Reissue $350 off
2002 Gibson Historic 1958 Reissue R8 Les Paul with COA in what Gibson called Butterscotch, some call it Lemon burst now. Retail at the time was $6,200. This is part of the Gibson Art, Custom & Historic Collection 1958 Reissue R8 Les Paul with a highly figured vintage Double A top. Previous owner upgraded to OX4 pickups, Hoveland caps, Featherweight Tailpiece. Pups at the time would have been 57'...
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1966 Fender Vibrolux

For Sale….1966 All original Fender Vibrolux. Killer amp…awesome condition. No place in Myrtle Beach for me to play it out like I should. Has 66’ original Jensens in it which I put in when the amp arrived with ripped Oxfords. Jensens’ are much preferred. Would consider a trade plus cash for a 64 or 65 Fender Deluxe Would also consider trades and cash for player grade but all original Princeton...
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2004 Gibson Les Paul Standard

2004 Gibson Les Paul Standard 24% off
2004 Gibson Les Paul Standard in gorgeous Trans-Amber with super top on this one. I called Gibson on on 1/12/22 and was told the code inside the bridge pup cavity makes this is a Double A (AA) top. Some wear as expected, no worming on back but gloss is faded where buckle would be otherwise back in ex condition. A little flaking on the headstock veneer, a little shrinking around the logo as well...
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2007 Fender Stratocaster AVRI

2007 Fender Stratocaster AVRI $150 off
2007 AVRI Fender Strat Here we have an American Vintage Reissue (AVRI) 62' Reissue American Stratocaster, made June 2007 and left the factory August 2007 making it nearly 15 years of age. This beauty in sea foam green with “mint” guard and rosewood neck is gorgeous and comes with ashtray cover, trem arm and paperwork. Is in excellent plus condition with a small mark or two, just had full set up...
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2005 Gibson Les Paul

2005 Gibson Les Paul 23% off
2005 Gibson Custom Shop Stars & Stripes: My understanding is there were only 50 of these made and we know Uncle Ted has a few of them as does Justin Beiber & Madonna. Was lucky enough to find this a couple of years ago, just not bonding with it and doesn't play like my gigging 57' GT lol. Pretty much MINT! Never Played…put away brand new with ALL case candy. Case and guitar are like new. Just had...
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