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Full cash refund if instrument does not check to be what I claim it to be.

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1960 Gibson Es 335

1960 ES 335---Please read entire description This 1960 ES 335 stereo guitar, in exceptional condition in tobacco sunburst was factory special ordered with Variatone, which has been bypassed for mono gigging. This axe has the thin flat “D” neck of 1960, which is super-fast and has two (2) wonderful sounding original PAF’s with neck pickup being 7.4 and the bridge pickup 7.9. This beauty came...
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1943 Martin D18

1943 Martin D18 15 % off
Just received my price Guide for 2021...prices have risen book says $18.5 to $24k...make an offer.... Selling now only $17.5k as I am looking at a 64' ES 335…so get it while you can. Serious contenders may PM me a phone number I will call you back or call 516-435-8382. This guitar has been examined thoroughly and had a neck set and complete set up by a leading 55 year Charleston, SC luthier....
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1957 Gibson J200

1957 Gibson J200 11 % off
1957 Gibson J200 all original, in natural finish (much rarer) with original 50s Lifton case. Guitar is all there, sounds terrific as you would expect. Gorgeous natural finish...Two top cracks were repaired and unfinished before I got it, they are solid and luthier Joe Wilson of Charleston, SC did a wonderful job refinishing and matching just the two crack area...the rest of the guitar is the...
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1949 Martin D18

1949 Martin D18 11 % off
Christmas Discount Priced to move This Holiday Season ONLY!! Snooze you lose and it goes back to normal. Here we have a 1948-49' Martin D-18. Just had a beautiful neck reset and full set up plays beautifully. There was some amateur and unoriginal bridge work done prior to my buying it, so my luthier had to correct it. We removed it, cleaned it up put on a slightly oversize true Martin bridge....
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1958 Martin D18

1958 Martin D18 $400 off
Just received my price Guide for 2021...prices have risen book says $5 to $6.6k...asking a very fair $5400 $5,400...Here we have a very strong 1958 Martin D18 guitar with original finish, tuners and pickguard and I believe bridge to be original as well. Guitar had neck reset when I got it, action, tonality and intonation perfect, and playability spot on! Plenty of saddle and frets are good too...
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2005 Gibson Les Paul

2005 Gibson Les Paul 19 % off
2005 Gibson Custom Shop Stars & Stripes: My understanding is there were only 50 of these made and we know Uncle Ted has a few of them as does Justin Beiber & Madonna. Was lucky enough to find this a couple of years ago, just not bonding with it and doesn't play like my gigging 57' GT lol. Pretty much MINT! Never Played…put away brand new with ALL case candy except the COA, otherwise everything is...
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1965 Fender VIbrolux

an awesome sounding 65 all original Vibrolux with 66' Jensen's in it. I put the speakers in 10 years ago. Has a nice leather cover with it and footswitch. I'll cry when this one leaves. I just don't play places big enough to get this baby past "2" anymore. I did an outside gig years ago and blew away a Marshall stack with this baby cranked at about 8 and a 60' ES 335 with it. These are the best...
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