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2013 Carr

Gently used 2013 Carr Impala just in the shop! This one features a beautiful two-tone aesthetic of Grey and Slub which we haven't seen much of - what a great look! The inspiration for the Impala was the classic Blackface Bassman design, prized for it's power and simplicity, and a staple for artists as wide ranging as Buddy Guy to Mike McCready. Carr captures the vibe of the Bassman, but also adds...
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Brand new Mahogany Dreadnought from Pre-War Guitars! And it features a lovely-looking 1930's style sunburst, if we do say so ourselves. This guitar features a Level 1.5 relic finish: you'll see a smattering of dings across its surfaces, and some light finish checking, but nothing garish as far as the distressing goes. Tonally, it's a wide open, raunchy sounding guitar. Plenty of growl and snap...
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"Our mission is to create affordable, professional quality, handcrafted banjos using 100% Native Appalachian hardwoods." - Pisgah Banjo Company The Pisgah Banjo Co. is making incredibly high quality instruments and you'd be hard-pressed to find a better alternative in the modestly priced handcrafted banjo market. This 12" Cherry Rambler Dobson has a removable Dobson tone ring that has great...
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2021 Gibson

Virtually unplayed 2021 Gibson Les Paul Standard AAA Top in Cherry Sunburst just into the shop! This one is super clean and sounds killer with a fatter 50s neck profile and a great sounding set of Burstbucker pickups. Here's what Gibson has to say about this beauty of an LP model... The Les Paul Standard returns to the classic design that made it relevant, played and loved -- shaping sound across...
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Froggy Bottom R14 Deluxe

Here's one of the most unique Froggy Bottom guitars we've ever had in inventory! While we're as guilty as anyone when it comes to tricking out our stock with exotic tonewoods and detailed appointments, we've taken the opposite approach here. Call it a "vintage-minded" Froggy. The R14 is roughly equivalent to an L-00 in its body dimensions. But while you'd typically think dry, punchy, woody, etc.,...
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2020 Collings

We sold this Collings OM1A Traditional when it was new back in 2020; and the owner has just sent it back to us for consignment. Long story short? This is a great buy if you're in the market for a -T series Collings OM. It's very lightweight and responsive, with particularly nice tone. It's clear as a bell, with a woody response up the neck thanks to a couple years of break-in time. Excellent...
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2012 Collings

We customized this Collings D3 back in 201;, but it drop-shipped to our client, and we've never seen it until now! This is a knockout guitar in every way: whether you admire an instrument for tone, looks, or whether you're a Collings fan looking for something decidedly not run of the mill ... feast your eyes (and ears)! This D3 features beautiful Madagascar Rosewood back and sides (not currently...
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2018 Collings

Over two decades ago, the Collings MT2 raised the bar for contemporary A-style mandolins. We were among the first to hop on what quickly became a bandwagon, and have borne witness as the model has endured in popularity over the years. To this day it remains the gold-standard in small-shop mandos. The torrefied top on this MT2 make for a slightly drier, more open tone in comparison to the...
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Collings 002H Traditional 12-Fret Torrefied Sitka

This new Collings 002H Traditional is a most welcome addition to the Collings Guitars vintage-inspired lineup! A 12-fret 00 may be the ideal small bodied-guitar for anyone looking to add a compliment to their dreadnought: you'll get a short-scale guitar with easy playability and retain maximum fatness across all registers thanks to the bridge placement inherent in the 12-fret design. And let's be...
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2018 Clark

We've moved beyond mere fad, folks. By now guitar-bodied octave mandolins have earned their place in the contemporary mandolin-family canon. Instruments like this cutaway sunburst model from Boise, Idaho-based Austin Clark make a convincing argument for why these GBOMs have staying power. This one ticks all the boxes: comfortable, short scale for melody playing; luscious sunburst, appealing,...
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Santa Cruz 00 Eric Skye

This Santa Cruz Eric Skye signature model has just come into the shop for consignment! We're big fans of this model -- its understated looks, and wider 1 13/16" nut width pay homage to an early 1930's Martin 00, making it an excellent choice for any player interested in exploring traditional style of fingerpicking and flatpicking. The sound is robust and balanced all at once, with sumptuous...
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2008 Martin

This Martin Custom Shop OM is just into the shop on trade! It comes to us from the original owner, who's taken good care of it and souped it up with a Trance Amulet pickup system. The guitar sports an Engelmann spruce top, which makes it an very easy-responding instrument for a fingerstyle player; and it's got a lovely, rich tone for vocal accompaniment. The handsome appointments include Maple...
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Huss & Dalton D-RH

This pre-owned Huss & Dalton D-RH represents an excellent opportunity for a player looking to gain a foothold in the boutique landscape. It boasts a big, powerful sound, with ample volume on tap for a strummer / flatpicker. Overall condition is very good -- though it's been played, so expect to see mild signs of wear across the surfaces. There are light scratches and dings both near the bass...
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1957 Fender

The Fender 5F10 Harvard is widely considered to be the very best of what Fender had to offer in a smaller, low wattage combo. Fender's 5F10 Harvard was positioned between the Tweed Princeton and Deluxe models of the period, offering players a true sweet spot in the lineup. Louder than a Princeton, but quieter than a Deluxe, and with a more unique preamp stage and overall feel that's a little...
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Carr Skylark Gator/Slub

The Skylark is an awesome choice for players that need both a home amp and the ability to cover rehearsals and/or small gigs. With useful, well thought out features like a switchable variable attenuator (you can switch it fully out of the circuit) that can take you from a full 12 watts down to zero, and a high/low gain switch, you can achieve beautiful cleans all the way through lead worthy...
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1931 Martin

This 1931 Martin OM-18P represents an extremely rare case, wherein "original" is not better as it relates to a pre-war Martin. The OM-18P was produced in small numbers in 1930 & 1931, before being discontinued (evidence of its scant popularity). To be fair, the OM itself was still new, having debuted in late 1929; and a plectrum variant, hence the "P" in the model nomenclature, must have been...
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2015 Martin VTS

Gently used Martin OM-28 Authentic 1931 just in for consignment! This instrument comes to us from the collection of a long time client. It's an excellent example of the model, with a powerful, balanced sound, great looks, and a nice set of straight-grained Madagascar Rosewood back & sides. The OM-28 Authentic 1931 is prized for its lightness of build and deep, growling tone; and we think...
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1965 Fender

Is there a better low watt portable tube combo than a Fender Princeton? With a surge in popularity over the past 10-15 years, the venerable Princeton is undoubtedly one of Leo Fender's best designs. There are few amps that deliver such a great clean tone at low volumes better than a Princeton. The non-reverb Princeton doesn't get quite the attention that its reverb-loaded sibling does, but that...
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Widely considered one of the best years of Gibson electric instruments in the 1960s, 1964 marked the last full year of wide-nut construction on many of their guitar lines. This 1964 Gibson SG Junior in its original Cherry finish is an excellent example of the often desired "Pre-1965" single-pickup solidbody. With only a few changes made to correct some of the more common (and unfavorable) mods...
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2017 Dr Z

This gently used 2017 Dr. Z Z-LUX delivers the big, warm vintage tone of a true hand-wired tube amp. Featuring a half/full power switch, foot-switchable boost, master volume, reverb, tremolo, you name it…this amp has it. Every component was painstakingly selected to achieve the highest quality standards for both sound and durability. The Z-LUX starts with the front end of the famous Dr Z. MAZ...
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B3 SL Deluxe Tobacco Burst Light Relic

Another knock-out SL Deluxe from our friends at b3 Guitars! Love Les Pauls but wish they were more comfortable like your favorite Stratocaster? Love Strats and wish you could get into the Gibson 'thing' without sacrificing that familiar feel / body shape? Read on, friend... This lightly relic'd Dark Burst SL Deluxe features a 4/5A flame maple top, hollow mahogany body (sans F hole), mahogany neck...
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B3 SL Deluxe Hollowbody Mango w/P90s

b3 Guitars are made in CA by a small team led by former Fender and Gibson Custom Shop Master Builder, Gene Baker. They brilliantly blend elements of both Fender and Gibson designs into "why didn't I think of that?" models like the Tele/Firebird inspired Phoenix, the TME Exclusive Telstar, and the one that started it all back in the early 2000s - the SL, a Strat/Les Paul hybrid. From time to time...
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National Resophonic National

Just into the shop, this National Resorocket is an excellent choice for anyone looking to acquire a stage-ready, wood-bodied resonator! Warm and round with plenty of sustain, it shines in open tunings for fingerstyle blues and slide playing, but is versatile enough for any style. Well-cared for by its previous owner, this guitar comes to us in very good condition, with only light signs of prior...
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Lowden O-25 Cedar & Indian Rosewood

The O-25 ranks among Lowden's most modestly appointed jumbo-sized guitars. But don't mistake this austere-looking guitar for anything diminutive. Its sound is cavernous and warm, with the trademark Lowden airiness alongisde a pure, round fundamental note. It's a perfect choice for fingerstyle guitar players looking for massive low end response, or rhythm guitar players with the brushy right-hand...
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2007 Martin (

This 2007 Martin D-18 Authentic has just come into the shop for consignment -- and it's a particularly strong & balanced sounding example of the model. These original examples of a D-18 Authentic, produced from 2005 to 2012, are known for their lightness of build and uncanny tonal resemblance to an actual pre-war guitar. This guitar, serial number 1235351, shows an unusual amount of bearclaw...
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2005 Collings

Mahogany and German spruce may provide the most vivid realization of the Collings voice, with its trademark combination of clarity, balance, and crisp note attack. This lovely little 003, built in 2005, is a dynamite fingerpicking guitar for anyone in search of a small-bodied Collings; and it takes surprisingly well to a flatpick too. Overall condition is excellent: while it shows the slightest...
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Gil Yaron Bone H

At first glance, you'd be forgiven for thinking Gil Yaron's masterful 'Bone H' is "simply" a Les Paul variant, but as with many things in life, looks can be deceiving. To be sure, the Bone has several things in common with a Les Paul and it can certainly cover that ground tonally - but - as mentioned, there's a bit more going on under the hood which shows itself once you sit down with it and plug...
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1957 Gibson

Gibson's Les Paul model has permanently etched itself as one of - if maybe not the - most iconic solidbody electric guitars ever made. Even when you consider how many variants of the fabled model have existed since Gibson introduced it in 1952, they all seem to present a particular feel and response that is unique to its core design. From the quirky and often cumbersome first-year Goldtop...
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Fylde Signature Short Scale

Wonderful tone and a sharp, clean aesthetic on this Fylde Signature Archtop 'zouk, just in! It features a spruce top and Indian rosewood back and sides in the classic teardrop body shape. The very comfortable 23 1/2" scale length facilitates melody playing as well as some of those long double-stop reaches. If you have been looking for a great-sounding octave mandolin with strong volume and nice...
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Source Audio Atlas Compressor

The Atlas Compressor offers a comprehensive collection of compression circuits that perfectly capture the tone and feel of the industry’s most sought-after compressors. Straight out of the box, Atlas delivers six different styles of compression, ranging from classic stompbox compressors like the now-discontinued Diamond Optical Compressor to high-end rack units such as the snappy 1176 compressor...
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