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1957 Gibson 3-PAF Les Paul Custom

When it comes to 50's Les Paul Customs, I think 1957 is the year you want; it's the first year with PAF's, and the last year with with the cool waffle-back tuners prior to Grovers becoming standard in 1958. This one is all straight and reasonably clean in about an 8.0/.10 overall condition with some belt worming on back, light player-wear on back of the neck, and worn gold-plating. The tiny...
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1964 Fender Precision

I don't get very many basses coming through here, but when I do, they are very cool. Though not a museum piece, this all-original '64 P. Bass is a killer with regards to playing and sounding. It looks really nice too with a beautifully graduated sunburst finish, not the 'target' or 'clown-burst' finish that you see on some of these. The overall condition is about an 8.0/10, with some belt scar on...
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1960 Gibson Bonnet Knobs

You're viewing an original set of black silver foil reflector knobs for a 1960 Gibson Les Paul SG Standard and other guitars of the era (though I've only seen them on the earliest SG's). They are in very nice shape with the writing partially intact. As you can see from the photo, these are very early and the shaft barely extends beyond the numbered skirt, just like 50's bonnet knobs. Sometime in...
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1959 Gibson Bonnet Knobs

You're viewing an original set of Gibson gold 'bonnet' knobs made between 1956 through early 1960 as used on Gibson Les Paul standards and other Gibsons of the era. They're in excellent condition and have a deep amber tone to them. They'd look amazing on your Historic, conversion, or maybe even your original burst or goldtop!
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1957 Gibson M-69 Pickup Surround

You're viewing an original Gibson cream M-69 PAF pickup surround made between 1957 through 1960 as used on Gibson Les Paul standards, ES-295's, and a handful of lapsteel guitars. If you know ANYTHING about high-end vintage Gibson guitars & parts, you'll know this is the Holy Grail of vintage guitar parts, not a 'piece of plastic' as the ignorant would say, so don't bust my chops about the price!...
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1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Here's a great little burst at a bargain price! It's the 2nd burst I've ever owned, and I was thrilled to buy it back after 25 years of deep storage in someone's collection. It was featured on the cover of Mac Yasuda's "The Vintage Guitar" Volume 2 in the early 1990's. Though not a perfectly book-matched top, both sides are really flamey and deep, this coupled with the nearly un-faded cherry...
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1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Original 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard, pretty sunburst finish faded to a pale cherry-burst over a mild-moderately figured top with good depth. The overall condition is pretty good, showing signs of honest playing wear, dings, and checking. It's been re-fretted with wire that is slightly larger than original, but smaller than '59 wire. There's lots of height left on the wire so it plays nice and...
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1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Does anyone out there know the whereabouts of this beautiful & unusually flamey '58 burst? Please message me if you do. It's serial # 8 5394 and it was stolen from Billy Squier in 1986...he's been looking for it ever since. I know Billy; he's a really nice guy who didn't deserve to have 'his baby' stolen from him. He won't press criminal charges and he'd be willing to buy the guitar back at...
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1959 Gibson Burst Gallery

For those of you who know nothing of me and what I do, I've put together a PARTIAL sampling of 1958-60 bursts that I've sold in recent years (Please don't ask, they're all gone!). How does one get so many bursts...Luck? No way!!! I pay more than ANYBODY that's how! This is not an invitation for free appraisals, give me a call if you're serious about moving one.
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