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To order an instrument, first call or FAX to confirm that the instrument is still available. Within the US we accept money orders, cashier's checks, certified checks, or bank transfer. Outside the US, please send US dollars on a US bank or bank transfer. Payment must include the purchase price plus shipping and insurance charges. Please send payments to Tom Van Hoose, 2722 Raintree Drive, Carrollton, TX 75006 USA. Layaway plan voids approval period. A 25% non-refundable deposit will hold any instrument for 30 days. No COD's are accepted. We reserve the right to change prices without notice.

The customer pays all shipping, insurance, and bank charges including all charges for returned merchandise. All insurance claims are the responsibility of the customer. Shipping will be via Federal Express unless other arrangements are made.

Upon receipt of the merchandise, if you are dissatisfied with the purchase, please notify us within 24 hours and we will refund your money, less shipping costs, as soon as the instrument is returned to us in the same condition as when shipped (except for layaways).

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2016 Gibson Lucille

This is a mint condition, no issues2016 B. B. King Lucille in a beautiful factory cherry finish! All original, with original hard case and case candy including certificate. Extremely versatile, easy to play, no feedback, sings like it should! Soulful, fun to play, and much more.
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~1995 Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion

This is an NOS original Gibson hard case of the Howard Roberts Fusion models I, II, and III guitars. In near-mint condition, it has the interior guitar cover intact, working latches, and no issues whatsoever. A fine original case for your HR Fusion!!!
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1983 Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion I

1983 Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion I 10 % off
First version of Gibson's Howard Roberts Fusion series, this Series I was Howard's favorite because it closely followed his input and the prototype he was given by Gibson. It is in near-mint original condition with no issues, no repairs, and no modifications. It comes complete with the original Schaller factory stop tailpiece and Schaller tuneamatic bridge, Gibson humbucking pickups, and...
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1972 Gibson Johnny Smith

1972 Gibson Johnny Smith 10 % off
Very fine Johnny Smith guitar from the early '70s with an exceptional acoustic voice and ease of playability. In excellent overall condition, it has a new replacement pickguard and is otherwise all original. Nicely figured woods and a fine sunburst finish complement the guitar's appearance. When plugged in, the single pickup and volume control give a surprisingly warm and responsive range of...
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1955 Gibson L-4CN

1955 Gibson L-4CN 10 % off
Fresh out of a private collection, this 1955 L-4CN is a fabulous acoustic archtop with best-quality woods throughout including a carved close-grained spruce top, maple back and sides, and a lovely mahogany neck and rosewood fretboard. All original with no issues, and has never had any kind of pickup on board. Very warm and authoritative voice, fresh setup, plays easily. Terrific for all kinds...
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1960 Gibson ES-175D

1960 Gibson ES-175D 12 % off
Fresh out of a private collection, this 1960 ES-175D is truly a gem. Near-mint condition with PAFs and all original parts except replaced Kluson tuners, this guitar sings with a terrific voice and plays with ease. Fresh setup, and looks very similar to Joe Pass' 175 with a nice neck profile. Comes complete with its near-mint and original brown Lifton hard case. Beautiful, soulful, and...
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1953 Gibson ES-175

1953 Gibson ES-175 10 % off
Here is the quintessential jazz-oriented guitar - a 1953 Es-175 with a single P-90 pickup. All original, no issues, no repairs, near-mint original condition, beautiful golden sunburst finish, and the warmest and sweetest tone you can imagine. Original brown Lifton hard case is in excellent+ original condition as well. AND, it has a highly-fighred curly maple top which is extremely rare in...
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2018 HENRIKSEN Ray cabinet

New from Henriksen is the Ray extension cabinet with a very innovative array of four 3-inch drivers and a defeatable tweeter. It is also mic-stand mountable and gives a terrific boost to the Bud and the Blu combo amps. List price is $ 799, but our price to you is $ 700. Really adds a lot to amps for larger applications! Complete with padded gig bag!
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1950 Gibson ES-5

1950 Gibson ES-5 10 % off
This is a superb ES-5 with great tone and feel, and a great amplified sound all around. From Anson Funderburg's collection, this guitar was used by him for years on many gigs and records. A recent setup confirms the ease of playing for which Anson is known. This guitar exudes soul, power, and confidence and can transform one's playing especially the blues. All original parts, no issues or...
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~1929 Stromberg G-1 Deluxe

~1929 Stromberg G-1 Deluxe 11 % off
This is an early G-1 Deluxe with nicely-engraved pearl block inlays, a deluxe headstock overlay, and an engraved trapeze tailpiece, all original. The dark sunburst finish is faded, and the top appears refinished. There is one repaired top crack. All parts are original, although the original bridge is missing inserts on the base and a later Gibson Johnny Smith bridge has been utilized. The...
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1960 Gibson ES-355-T

1960 Gibson ES-355-T 10 % off
This is a very special guitar. It is an original ES-355 with factory stop tailpiece and PAFs, with the Varitone removed and converted to mono electronics. It has been refretted, and inlaid at the 20th fret are the initials " C W" of its previous owner, the late Charley Wirz. Charley was the original owner of Charley's Guitar Shop in Dallas, and one of the founders of the Dallas Guitar Show in...
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1956 Gibson Super 400CESN

1956 Gibson Super 400CESN 10 % off
Here is a superb blonde Super 400CESN with alnico pickups in excellent + original condition. Exceptional sound and playability, with very early non-wire ABR-1 bridge (noted on hang tag) with tags and case candy, original Lifton brown hard case, beautiful woods, and so much more. Great vibe and rare - one of 19 made in 1956, and one of only 53 blonde Alnico electric Super 400s. A fine...
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1952 Gibson Super 400

1952 Gibson Super 400 11 % off
A fine acoustic noncutaway Super 400 from Gibson's postwar golden era! Sunburst, excellent - original condition, beautiful woods and fine sound, original pickguard included, later Gibson HC. One of 19 made in 1952, and one of 154 overall production of postwar noncutaway Super 400s in sunburst finish. Rare, fine, and wonderful to play.
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2018 HENRIKSEN 312

New Henriksen 312 amp with 12" ER speaker, tweeter, and slip cover. New with warranty. Can handle bass and 7-string in addition to guitar, with 160 watts RMS power. Very expressive and flexible. List price is $ 1,459.; our price to you is $ 1196. with padded slip cover!.
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~1939 Geib Prewar Super 400

~1939 Geib Prewar Super 400 40 % off
This is a prewar Super 400 leather -covered Geib case in fair condition. All latches are intact, the interior lining is in good shape, but the leather and case exterior need restoration. Very rare case, pairs well with 1937-1941 Super 400 guitars.
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2011 Anthony Wilson Seasons - Live at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Here is THE guitar CD/DVD package - "Seasons, a Song Cycle for Guitar Quartet", composed and led by Anthony Wilson and featuring Steve Cardenas, Chico Pinheiro, and Julian Lage. Recorded live at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on April 10, 2011 during the exhibition "Guitar Heroes - from Italy to New York," and played exclusively on John Monteleone's 4 Seasons guitars. The DVD gives the...
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1986 Gibson Super 400 postcards

This is a series of 4 postcards from my collection of Gibson Super 400 guitars as featured in my book "The Gibson Super 400 - Art of the Fine Guitar." These postcards include a 1935 Super 400, a 1941 Super 400 Premiere, a 1952 Super 400CESN with P90 pickups, and a 1958 Super 400CES with Alnico pickups. There is a brief description of each guitar on the addressee/message side of each postcard. ...
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2007 John Southern "Talkin' Guitars - Dr. Tom Van Hoose, Archtop Guitar Authority"

This is John Southern's hour-long interview with Dr. Tom Van Hoose on the subject of archtop guitars, their history and development, the market for these fine instruments, and much more. This video was done in Tom's home and features many guitars from his personal collection. Sound and playing samples are included that illustrate the various types of archtops and how they sound in a musical...
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"The Gibson Super 400" by Thomas Van Hoose

AVAILABLE directly from the author, the second softcover edition of the Super 400 book offers a wealth of information about Gibson's finest archtop guitar, plus the bonus of a minibook on the Gibson L5 and a chapter on competitors such as D'Angelico, Stromberg, D'Aquisto, Epiphone, and Benedetto. The softcover 2nd edition is $ 25.00 plus shipping. These can be personally autographed to the...
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