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To order an instrument, first call or FAX to confirm that the instrument is still available. Within the US we accept money orders, cashier's checks, certified checks, or bank transfer. Outside the US, please send US dollars on a US bank or bank transfer. Payment must include the purchase price plus shipping and insurance charges. Please send payments to Tom Van Hoose, 2722 Raintree Drive, Carrollton, TX 75006 USA. Layaway plan voids approval period. A 25% non-refundable deposit will hold any instrument for 30 days. No COD's are accepted. We reserve the right to change prices without notice.

The customer pays all shipping, insurance, and bank charges including all charges for returned merchandise. All insurance claims are the responsibility of the customer. Shipping will be via Federal Express unless other arrangements are made.

Upon receipt of the merchandise, if you are dissatisfied with the purchase, please notify us within 24 hours and we will refund your money, less shipping costs, as soon as the instrument is returned to us in the same condition as when shipped (except for layaways).

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1969 Gibson ES-150DC

Here is an exceptional 1969 Gibson ES-150DC in gleaming cherry finish and near-mint original condition with no issues. 1969 was the first year for this new model that has looks like a 335 but has a hollow body that is 2-11/16th inches deep. Total production for the ES-150D from 1969 through 1975 was 2,410 when it was discontinued. The ES-150DC (cherry finish) was only produced in 1969; 111...
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2015 Heritage H-157 Black Beauty

Serial # AF35403 is # 28 of 40 instruments in a limited edition from Heritage that emulates the early 1950s Gibson Les Paul Custom. It is in mint condition with no issues, and features the same hardware as its Gibson counterpart including the alnico neck pickup and P-90 bridge pickup, tuneamatic bridge, stop tailpiece, and Grover Rotomatic tuners. All metal parts are gold-plated, and the bound...
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2015 Hahn 228 blackguard Tele

This is a beautiful Hahn 228 blackguard Tele made by Chihoe Hahn in New York in 2015. It is in near-mint original condition with no issues. There is light finish checking on the top and back. Comes with original COA and Roadrunner case, and a tremendous vibe. Outstanding quality build by one of the best Telecaster crafters in the world, with great sound and sustain and clarity. New price is...
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~1947 Epiphone Zephyr Deluxe

Serial # 75117 is an early postwar Epiphone Zephyr Deluxe in excellent condition with original sunburst finish and laminate spruce top and maple back for feedback reduction. Original pickup is missing its cover; otherwise all parts are original. 25.25" scale, 17.25" body width, and fresh setup and Harptone case. Excellent playability and sound.
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2008 Talkin' Guitars Tom Van Hoose interview

Here is John Souther's 2008 DVD from his Talkin' Guitar series, an interview with Tom Van Hoose in his home along with an array of vintage and Monteleone archtop guitars. Excellent topical interview with an audio call to the late Jim Hutchins included that gives some history to the Kalamazoo-Nashville transition etc. Tom discusses the archtop's evolution and its improvements over the years...
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~1980 Grover Imperial tuners

An original set of gold Grover Imperial tuners with the round tuner buttons, most commonly seen on Gretsch guitars with gold parts. Unused original condition, with screws and ferrules in box as well.
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~1960 Dearmond Rhythm Chief archtop pickup

Excellent Dearmond Rhythm Chief pickup with volume and tone control pod, no knobs; uses screw-on cable; reads 7.98 ohms.
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~1959 Dearmond FHC archtop pickup

Nice Dearmond FHC archtop pickup with volume pot; no volume knob, uses screw-on cable; rewards 8.68 ohms.
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~1985 T. W. Doyle humbuckers

This is a pair of Tom Doyle humbucking pickups complete with original wiring harnesses. Tom was Les Paul's luthier and all-around go-to guy for all things related to Les' gigs and guitars, and he designed and made these pickups to sound big and full and hum-free. Very rare and in excellent condition, with 4.32 and 4.54K output. Nice drop-in for a two-pickup archtop or thinline guitar.
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~1985 Grover Imperial tuners

Here is a very nice, ANIB set of Grover Imperial chrome tuners complete with bushings and screws and box. Tight, easy to install!
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~1985 Grover Imperial tuners

This is a very nice, ANIB set of gold Grover Imperial tuners complete with bushings, screws, and box. Never used; ready to install!
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~1948 Vintage 3-on-a-plate tuners

This is a matched set of left and right 3-on-a-plate tuners with original buttons and gears that work very well. No issues, will keep a guitar in tune, and both have the standard 4 screw holes for attachment to the back of a guitar's headstock. Vintage and original, ideal for a replacement or restoration project.
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1996 Monteleone Eclipse Special

1996 Monteleone Eclipse Special 17% off
Serial # 160 is a Monteleone Eclipse 17" Special created by John in 1996 featuring a striking violin red finish and highly-figured curly maple back, sides, and neck. This instrument was purchased in 1998 by Robert James Waller, author of the Bridges of Madison County and numerous other novels and was a particular favorite of his. Robert nicknamed this guitar "Sugar" because of the notable...
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1991 Gibson The Super 400

New, unsold and unfolded dust jackets for the first edition of The Gibson Super 400 - Art of the fine Guitar book by Thomas Van Hoose, PhD. Ideal replacement for your worn/torn first edition hardcover book if needed!
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1991 Gibson Super 400

New, unsold First Edition of The Gibson Super 400 - Art of the Fine Guitar by Thomas Van Hoose, PhD. The is the hardcover edition and comes complete with dust jacket; new and available only from the author. Signed by the author if desired.
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Gibson Citation

This is a very rare case for an original Gibson Citation. From the Tsumura collection, it is very similar to the prewar Gibson Super 400 cases made by Geib. The exterior covering is a dark brown leather in excellent condition, and the interior is lined with a golden brown padded plush material also in excellent condition. It is a 5-latch case with one missing its lower half. Nice original...
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"The Gibson Super 400" by Thomas Van Hoose

AVAILABLE directly from the author, the second softcover edition of the Super 400 book offers a wealth of information about Gibson's finest archtop guitar, plus the bonus of a minibook on the Gibson L5 and a chapter on competitors such as D'Angelico, Stromberg, D'Aquisto, Epiphone, and Benedetto. The softcover 2nd edition is $ 25.00 plus shipping. These can be personally autographed to the...
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