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1967 Fender Pro Reverb

1967 Vintage Fender Pro Reverb 2x12 Blackface Combo Amp! All Original condition except for a few caps and resistors and tubes due to recent service, original speakers and transformer! Old caps & parts will be included with amp. Very good vintage condition and sounds really good w the Fender sound one would expect from a Blackface! Note that speakers are over 50 years old so you may wish to...
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1968 Gibson ES-355

1968 Gibson ES-355 Rare Mono Cherry - All Original 100% All original Super Rare Mono Electronics (no Stereo or Varitone) with factory tailpiece! A dynamite player with a super cool vintage vibe in very good vintage condition! The cherry finish has a nice patina & the original Pat No. pickups sound excellent! In very good vintage condition for its age, but does show signs of wear, various...
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