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One of the nicest Strats that has come along. Perfect soft "V" neck that is straight and true, truss rod works fine. It was very professionally refretted without touching the finish on fret board. Wire is just slightly taller than original so plays perfecto! The only other thing that was touched and not original is the body finish. That said it looks exactly like an original finish in every detail and is nitro lacquer. Electronics are untouched and even retains the original pickup lead tape. I have never seen one of these more perfect under the guard.

Very light at 7 lbs 4 ozs. No excuses, just a great guitar!

AJ's Music and Vintage Guitars

AJ's Music and Vintage Guitars

Original Hard
15 Years
$25,000 down from $30,000
AJ's Music and Vintage Guitars
Owner Peter Trauth.
Henderson, NV
1:11 PM
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