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1957 Gibson Les Paul

For sale is a 1957 Gibson Les Paul Gold top. Owned a played by Alex Lifeson of Rush. It is one of his favorite guitars. The guitar is 100% original right down to the PAF's. The guitar is extremely clean. The NFT attributes are :A 360° digital representation of the 1957 Gibson Les Paul Electric Guitar, this exclusive NFT (Non Fungible Token) is a 1 of 1 Edition and includes the physical...
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~1995 Briarwood made by Peavey Dreadnought

Country Joe & The Fish performed at the original Woodstock on Sunday August 17, 1969 day three of the festival. There st list from that show was: 1. Rock And Soul Music 2. (Thing Called) Love 3. Love Machine 4. Barry's Caviar Dream 5. Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine 6. Summer Dresses 7. Crystal Blues 8. F-I-S-H Cheer / I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag Country Joe McDonald also...
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1957 Fender Harvard

We have been in the Vegas area for 35 years and had more vintage tweed amps that we could count as there are many retired pro musicians living here. Most of these amps are from our back yard and like the vintage cars are perfect. This Harvard amp is "as new" and we have never seen one cleaner. This would be the center piece for any collection and sounds fantastic too! All original with mint...
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Fender Super

WOW!!! One of the most sought after and rarest of fender Tweeds. Many great players use these including "Eric Johnson" who turned me on to these years ago is year has two 6L6s which I prefer because the clean is nicer but still growls when turned up. Retweeded but original major components and sounds fantastico!
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~1960 Selmer Zodiac Twin 30

Extremely rare and highly sought after British amplifier. Jimmy Page did all his early recording with these. The tremolo is the very best and can even sound like a "Leslie". This amp is very clean for one of these and all original. If you look on you tube there is an excellent video and description by one of Nashville's #1 recording artist. This amp will be shipped via our specialty shipping...
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2007 Taylor GA3-12

2007 Taylor GA3-12 20% off
These are the nicest playing and best sounding 12 strings on the market for the price. This one is no exception....
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1966 Fender Stratocaster

1966 Fender Stratocaster 20% off
These are probably the best kept secret in vintage Strats being exactly like a Pre CBS and manufactured in a very limited number. Refretted with med jumbo, replace guard with original in case (small hole), replaced strap buttons, original keys were replaced and put back, one replaced tone pot. Sounds great with a '64 neck profile.
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1956 Fender Champ Amp

1956 Fender Champ Amp $100 off
Expensive? Well it is a near mint amp and this one is truly special as it sounds exactly like the Layla album tone! Only one out of 100 that I have had that sounds like that. Amps are sold as is and will not accept returns. Please check our feedback and buy with confidence.
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1952 Gibson Les Paul Conversion

1952 Gibson Les Paul Conversion 23% off
Beautifully reworked early Les Paul Standard. Nice weight of 8.5 lbs, with a set of Mojotone '59 Clone Humbucker pickups. Neck was reset to proper angle, fret board replaced, refretted, factory correct refinish, and clean 70's Les Paul Case.
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1956 Fender Twin Amp

1956 Fender Twin Amp 18% off
Extremely rare to find these in clean original condition. The person I bought this from had owned it for many years and it was his "baby". The tweed is in great shape with no tears, the control panel is pristine. All the electronics are pristine without one hint of corrosion or damage anywhere. Original speakers are very clean w original cones. Fantastic sounding amp and the same type Clapton...
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1965 Gibson SG

1965 Gibson SG 11% off
“WOWIE!!! Light, Loud, incredible playing, should keep this one owner gem? Sometimes I hate this job having to give up some of my favorite guitars that come and go. I love CHEAP original vintage guitars that play and sound better than ever, don't you? This is an early "transition" SG Standard and mostly all original. The pics tell the story and we will be doing a video on it soon too. Original...
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1955 Fender Stratocaster

1955 Fender Stratocaster 21% off
1955 Fender Stratocaster Very rare in that this was a near mint guitar that was stripped and refinished and reliced by "Tom Murphy". Tom rarely painted Fender guitars and this was a very early one in his career, may even pre date his Les Paul finishes! Yes folks, truly a historic work of art by the most famous artist in the world, "Sir Tom Murphy". 7lbs, 2 ozs! All parts are original, super...
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1956 Gibson Les Paul

1956 Gibson Les Paul 17% off
All Gold - Resonant - Clean
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1953 Fender Deluxe

1953 Fender Deluxe 10% off
100% Original - One Owner
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1964 Fender Princeton

Great Sounding Tremolo - One Owner - 100% Original - CLEAN!!!
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~1994 Mace Bailey LA Custom Shop Ibanez Scott Henderson

~1994 Mace Bailey LA Custom Shop Ibanez Scott Henderson 42% off
For sale is a Mace Bailey LA Custom Ibanez Scott Henderson Model in Metallic Green. Only three of these guitars were made. The guitar has butter smooth action. It is really good shape. There is some marks and dings. (See Pictures)
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1967 Fender Princeton Reverb

1967 Fender Princeton Reverb 49% off
Nice and clean "Blackface" Fender Princeton Reverb that is all original and looks almost new. These are probably the best all around amps out there. Equiped with better Trannies so it is very gig worthy for years to come and newer reverb pan, A MUST!. Contact for more information.
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1964 Gibson ES-355

1964 Gibson ES-355 39% off
100% Original. Minty fresh minus minor blemish on the back of the neck. Vibrant color. All TAGS! Let's see....Freddie King, BB King played these and so should you! Weighs 9 lbs., 12.8 oz. Neck pickup resistance 7.29k Bridge pickup resistance 7.79k Comes with a clean 60's Epiphone Casino/Sheraton Hardshell Case (original to guitar)
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1958 Fender Deluxe

1958 Fender Deluxe 18% off
1958 Fender Deluxe Amp - "MINT" - Contact for Details Typically Deluxes this clean do not sound very good, FACT! This one is a true exception being the best sounding one I have had out of over 100 over the years...This is a big part of the high price tag...
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1956 Fender Pro

1956 Fender Pro 19% off
Vintage 1956 Fender Pro Amp - Super Clean, one owner, barely used, all original, desert clean inside and out. The tag is from a different amp - Contact for Details
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~1962 Martin Dreadnought Guitar Case

Vintage 60's Martin Dreadnought case. The lining is very vibrant. All of the latches work. The case is in overall great shape. The total length is 41.5" so it will accommodate most Martin 12 Strings. Offers are welcomed ajsmusic@earthlink.net 702-436-9300
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Taylor Deluxe Hardshell Guitar Case

For sale is an older style Taylor Deluxe hardshell guitar case. It is between a Grand Concert and a Grand Auditorium. The measurements are: Length: 42" Body Length: 20" Upper Bout: 11" Waist: 9.5" Lower Bout 15.25" Depth 5" Onw of the latches is broken but the case is still very safe and secure. Offers are welcomed ajsmusic@earthlink.net 702-436-9300
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Taylor Deluxe Hardshell - Grand Concert Guitar Case

Great shape Deluxe Grand Concert Taylor Case. - Few minor marks on the outside. Offers are welcomed ajsmusic@earthlink.net 702-436-9300
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Yamaha G&G Hardshell Case

Solid hardshell. A little tolex on the top on both sides of the waist. Approximate Dimensions - Length: 41" Body Length: 20-20.5" Upper Bout: 11.5" Waist: 11" Lower Bout: 14.5" Depth: 3.5" Offers are welcomed ajsmusic@earthlink.net 702-436-9300
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Ibanez Molded Electric Case

Ibanez molded case. It actually housed a Yamaha RGX body style. The center combination latch is broken. Depth 2" Width 12.25" Length 41" Offers are welcomed ajsmusic@earthlink.net 702-436-9300
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Datt Cases Ltd. ES-335 Hardshell Case

Very solid 5 latch ES-335 Case. Built by Datt Cases Ltd. in Canada. Offers are welcomed ajsmusic@earthlink.net 702-436-9300
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Freedom by SKB Precision / Jazz Bass Case

Solid lightweight molded case for a Precision or Jazz style bass guitar. Offers are welcomed ajsmusic@earthlink.net 702-436-9300
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Standard Mandolin / Ukulele Case

Nice and sturdy mandolin case. All of the latches work. Dimensions: Length: 27.5" Lower Bout: 11" Upper Bout: 7.75" Body Length 15.5" Offers are welcomed ajsmusic@earthlink.net 702-436-9300
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Hardshell 000 Guitar Case

Very solid 000 Guitar case. Comes with case keys. Offers are welcomed ajsmusic@earthlink.net 702-436-9300
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