2013 Gibson Custom Shop Joe Perry VOS 1959 Reissue VOS R9, very rare! guitar is in 8/10 as good condition, fret is in 7/10, guitar has some dings and scratches on the back of body from normal used, (detail in pics).

Come with original Gibson Custom Shop case as well as all the original paperwork, hang tags with serial number, and COA.

This is the chance to get your Joe Perry Les Paul, you already know they were a very popular and only 150 made, so very rare in the world, don't miss it...!

Of all the great original 1959 Standards out there—a pretty small number to begin with—Joe Perry’s own Les Paul has long been acclaimed as one of the finest. The rich, road-worn character of this guitar, serial number 9-0663, is utterly moving, and it seems to throb with the wealth of music and experience earned over decades of being played on stages and in recording studios around the world. In Joe’s own words, “It’s got everything a great Les Paul is supposed to have. The neck isn’t quite as fat as, say, a ’54 Goldtop, but it’s still got a good, meaty neck. It’s not a high-output guitar, so it’s got a lot of tone… And it’s got all the natural sustain and warmth, and when you turn it up it growls.”

As stunning a tone monster as this guitar is, however, the story of its passage in and out of Perry’s hands over the years is equally riveting. Slash, Boston area guitar legend Billy Loosigian, and Eric Johnson have all owned number 9-0663 over the years, as it did the rounds through the various ups and downs of Aerosmith’s career. Once it was clear that Joe had made the shift from struggling to thriving as an artist, he sought to recapture his most cherished axe for good. Many years, many phone calls, and many near misses later, this amazing 1959 Les Paul returned to the man who seemed destined to call it his own.


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Year Condition Case
2013 (1959 reissue) Good Original Hard


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Guitar Shop Taiwan

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