Amazing opportunity to acquire an early Tom Murphy creation when every effort was made to copy an original "Burst". This was back when Tom took his precious time to personally muster all the artistry he has become famous for. This hand selected guitar by Tom is on record as the second Historic Custom Shop he painted and reliced. It is an "R8" with an amazing maple top from the "Old Wood" era that so many collectors search for and are so difficult to find anymore; created in 1997 when top quality Mahogany and maple woods were still available. I have an early 1960 original "Burst" and 1952 original "Gold Top" converted to a 1957 and was amazed at how similar the tones were between all three of these guitars. It must be the wood quality! Nice chunky neck and super resonant when played acoustically. Sustains for days and when you see what some of these signature guitars sell for these early Murphy's are a bargain! Price includes correct vintage style Gibson custom shop case. Weighs in at 9 lbs which is the typical weight Tom would select. When these are too light they sacrifice tone whereas at 9 lbs they are perfectly balanced.
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