Hi.. well, thanks for looking. I know, there are a LOT of re-issues burst r9s today on the market , and I think Gibson is just knocking it out of the park with the quality . This is, actually , the reason this on is being offered. This LA Recording studio seller , has too may r9s at this time. . .and this one is now up for re-sale. This , flammmy and 3d flammy r9 was had a Professional " Historic Make over" by none other that Joe Riggio. Those of you who dont know , Joe is a legendary Luthier in the Northwest, whom I just read some kind of new " symaptio " relationship with Gibson recently to do this very thing, historic make-overs. Congrats to Joe . . . this is a " all ready vintage one" dating 2013. The studio has had it since 2015.

Here are the Make over up-grades per Joe.

Throbak DICK WAGNER signature set pick ups ( sounds really creammy, are out studio notes)
Historic Makeover Retrospec Parts : Truss rod cover-pickgaurd-switch ring-amber bonnet knobs - jackplate

Original Vintage pots, late 50s , early 60s
Original Sprauge black yellow .047 caps

and the letter from Joe and Dealer Rick King.

We changed the bumbble bee caps in the letter for the Sprauge caps installed.

Thats it ... you definitally wont find anothe like this, and THE FLAME , THE FLAME . .

this baby is a ONE PIECE Mahogany NECK .

Good Luck


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