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the Tom Hilbe Equipment Co. LLC Manufactures Recording Equipment & BUY-SELL-TRADE Vintage Guitars- Amps & Studio recording gear

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thanks for the visit. HEY... We also offer PLUG IN versions of our Melcor and Motown - 500 series hardware MIC/DI preamps - Direct on our web site - free 1 week trials - check it out ( requires iLok) with you D.A.W.

" Vintage Guitars and Manufacturing of Pro audio gear for the Stars " . . .Thank you for connecting with us at our online retail store, featuring audio equipment, recording equipment, and musical instruments. We buy and sell Vintage Guitars, As in Gibson-Fender-Ricky- and a amps like TnT ( ALLWAYS LOOKING FOR TnT amps Of Venice California 1965-72)Fender Marshall Vox and Sampson - Vintage Pro-Audio gear, including Vintage Microphones, API - NEVE - & SSL consoles and outboard gear like LANG PULTEC QUAD 8 etc -and - tape machines AMPEX ATR 102 - since 1969-.

T.H.E. Company
Tom Hilbe
213 926-7000
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9am - 4pm monday thru friday

Full payment cleared funds prior to shipment . we take credit cards via square, pay pal , cash is also , King.no venmo or other derivities at this time

USA only at this time. NO CANADA what so ever - Euro , only by approval knowing you or someone we know.

We do not have a return policy . Its are as represented. With over 50 years in the Audio bussiness, we know what we are doing and have a stellar reputation.