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USA only at this time. NO CANADA what so ever - Euro , only by approval knowing you or someone we know.

We do not have a return policy . Its are as represented. With over 50 years in the Audio bussiness, we know what we are doing and have a stellar reputation.

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1970 3m M-79

16 track 2 inch 3m79 - Just serviced by LAs Best ATR service, and Myrid ele. - 60% + head life with JFR report- previoulsy owned by Malcomb Cecil of 'TONTO " synth fame. ( Steve Wonder ) runs 16 tk 2 inch and 8 tk 1 inch- 1 inch head stack available seperte and not on this sale
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1972 Fender TWIN REVERB

this Fender twin , sports the original Orange JBL D 120 F speakers . its in nice shape , from recording studio use
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THE Brand New - Limited edition , Multi Pattern . .Tube valve (lemo Mil Spec peanut tube) , large diaphram, tube mic, made in the USA - with Power supply , Shock , 7 pin cabel and silver case. You will not be dis appointed Good luck T
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2023 HILBE Mo67

The Mo67 is a api-500 rack series mic pre, with DI . In the DAW in the box enviornment - you can plug your guitar in this box, with your controller in your pro tools or other work station, and rock and record. More spec sheet data is on our website tomhilbe.com Good luck T.
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2022 THE Company HILBE Black & Blues

THE Brand new. Black and Blues . with over drive and pre amp foot switch. The RCA Design book inspired Leo Fender. Vox inspired Mark Sampson. Leo Fender inspired inspired Howard "Alexander" Dumpel - and they all inspired us. This 20 watt , dual EL-84 amp will inspire you THIS SALE IS FOR THE 20 WATT AMP HEAD, SERIAL NUMBER 3. The 2x12 bottoms are sold out and back ordered. ping...
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2022 BLACK VOLT Tele P90

Hi . this is a Giovanni original. THE FEATHER" ( Because of the feather like figuring on the walnut top ) the BLACK VOLT custom made - Loller p 90s 2 pu Book matched - Walnut top Pine body guitar , in original GG case, is avaialbe for sale . show at a few guitar shows, THATS in .. Jumbo frets and sounds so sweet. Good luck T.
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