THESE PICKUPS READ OUT EXACTLY LIKE A GREAT SOUNDING '59 "BURST" I OWNED AND LOVED! Selling as a set. Or will separate asking $7500.00 each.

Out of 1959 Les Paul Custom.

I took these pickups out of a late 1959 Custom over 40 years ago. The guitar had a broken head stock and I stripped all the "cool" parts off of it. The guitar was only worth around $500 back then! I also had a dozen PAFs I had taken out of SG Les Pauls and gave all those up over the years, but always knew these white bobbins were something very special. They aren't cheap but then you have to agree these are the highest valued pickups on the planet! I believe I have the original cover for one of them...

The discoloring is just from dirt and playing and can be cleaned off if wanted. I don't want to chance messing with it...

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