1968 Gibson Southern Jumbo SJN (Country & Western)

He we have a poor orphan 1968 Gibson Southern Jumbo SJN (Country & Western) with screwed down pickguard, natural finish and square shoulders and what or may not be an original snug fitting hard shell case with the blue lining from around that period or slightly later? I found this in pretty rough shape here in Myrtle Beach, SC. Plenty of pics so contact me with e mail and I'll send them over
When I found it, this baby was certainly neglected. With the truss rod nut gone, the wrong bridge put on it, the adjustable saddle was wrong, the saddle screws missing, a hole drilled on the lower bottom edge where a pickup wire came through, but no jack was installed. We left this hole alone deciding not to plug it as this may be a gigging guitar for someone in the future. Overall a sad sight so I brought it to noted luthier outside Charleston, Mr. Joe Wilson.
Joe Wilson did a marvelous job on this relic from the past. He was able to snip off the gnarled end of the truss rod, get a new truss rod nut on it and cleanup the pocket, thus restoring the area and able to put an original 60’s two screw truss rod cover back on. We did a full neck reset, and did all the bridge work.
The bridge on it was oversized and obviously not right and the holes did not line up with the original holes in the top of the guitar where an old original bridge should have been. Joe took off the bridge, plugged the holes in the top and then built a new correct bridge with the correct hole patterns. He put the new bridge on & found original 68’ adjustable screws and 68’ black ceramic saddle…now all in the right place. Now she intonates and tunes perfectly and sounds great.
As you would expect lots of lacquer checking, a few rough finish patches but overall not as bad as you might expect. This guitar was neglected and altered for whatever reason, but never really played as it has the original frets with what looks like full life left to them. It has the smaller 60’s neck, easy and dreamy to play, screwed down pickguard with what looks like NO shrinkage and full Gibson sound and just what you would expect.
It’s not a museum piece, but I would say with the correct repairs now done probably above player’s grade. We have shown the worst pics first and he case is a little scuffed but in very good shape and al latches work perfect. Book has it at $2,550 to $3,350…I’m asking $2,250.

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