In 1908 Gibson brought out a new arch top Style O guitar, perhaps influenced by their own Florentine style mandolins which were influenced by the Belle Epoch era of design. Carried over from the mandolin aesthetics were the body scroll and the sharp “Florentine” style cutaway. Gibson initially called the guitar their “Special Grand Concert” but this moniker soon gave way to simply the “Style O”.

Although the  catalog described a carved spruce top and maple back and sides, the back and sides were actually carved from birch. Only the F4 mandolins were actually carved from maple.

This guitar was made early in 1915, with a bound peg head featuring the fleur-de-lis inlay, prior to the inclusion of the “The Gibson” mother-of-pearl logo added later. The stylish body design, with its black finished face stood out in many a photograph of mandolin orchestras and musical ensembles prior to being discontinued in 1925. This remarkably clean example is totally crack free with minimal  scratches in the finish, including two rub marks on the back of treble side of the “V” shaped neck between the sixth and seventh frets. The frets look virtually unplayed, and the fretboard is pristine as well. This instrument is a beautiful, well-cared for rarity that is over 100 years old. stk#VGG6007

$5,450.00 in original hard case

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Vintage Gintage

Vintage Gintage

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Vintage Gintage
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