Point-point wiring, modded by Cesar Diaz to
include a multi-tap Fender Power Transformer- like the ones
he used on his own amps, wired for 6L6s and now has KT-66s for higher plate
voltage, revoicing of pre-amp, modded bias circuit, minor compnent changes,
thinned out Bass channel, shared cathode.
From the "Cesar Diaz Last Great Interview (SRV)" Regarding SRV's Marshalls:
What else were you doing with the amps?

           "In the Marshalls, we always used 6L6’s instead of EL 34’s,with the exception of the Majors.
              For those,we used KT88’s. The EL34’s didn’t have that clean top end and really  
             round sound that we wanted, and they were too brittle sounding. Sometimes it
              also depended on what song we were doing and what tube I thought would be
                appropriate for that sound. Remember, we weren’t after the British sound—we
               were after the Hendrix sound."
         recently checked and serviced by Matt Wells, no back panel
Year Condition Case
1972 Very Good None


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