Fabulous, All Original Condition
Every once in a while a vintage guitar shows up of exceptional quality and beauty. It's instruments like this that add a very special pizzazz to this very unpleasant job of ours (yuk yuk). This 000-28 is a real beauty: it shows some light pick wear on the top when you look closely, and a couple of tiny case bites, but otherwise is gorgeous. The finish on the perfect Adirondack top is the light golden color of the finest old Martins, one's that have been given the best of care their whole lives. The original owner left it to his son, a drummer. It's now looking for a guitarist so it can get back to making music.

There's no evidence of any repairs or cracks, all parts are original, including the hard shell case. It's an early '39 so has the wider nut width. The tone is very strong, with a very deep bottom end, sweet & fat high end, with a lively, quick response.

Year Condition Color Case
1939 Near Mint natural Hard


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