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1947 Martin D-28

Just in: Some honest play wear with this one. Nice feeling chunky neck. Has that big opened tapered sound! Couple of top cracks and one on back. Bridge, saddle and reset by John Arnold. It also has been refretted. Non original case.
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1952 Gibson Southern Jumbo (SJ)

Just In: A nice clean small guard SJ! Some braces reglued. Great condition and sounds good! Non original case.
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1946 Gibson Southern Jumbo (SJ)

Just In: Excellent condition earlier SJ without binding. This one sounds outstanding! Probably newer bridge. 2 back cracks. Post war logo over the Script. I've had 3 guitars like this recently. My take is they had these guitars laying around til 1947 and they wanted the new post war logo on them before shipping them out. Also, no FON which is typical for 1946. Who know's with Gibson right?...
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1953 Martin D-28

!! This is one powerful guitar! Top is Red Spruce. All original except replaced bridge and saddle by David Musslewhite, neck reset also. Only a small pickguard cracks and one 4' one on back that's repaired. One small capo touch up on neck. This is without a doubt one of the best sounding 50's D-28's I've played. Non original case.
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1948 Martin D-28

Just in: Some good mojo with this one. Replaced bridge and saddle by David Musslewhite as well as a neck reset. 3 plugs on top and a few cracks on top and back. Several cleats inside. The back looks to be buffed. Great sounding guitar that is priced reasonably. Non original case.
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1938 Martin D-18

Just in: Rear braced Great sounding later 1938 D-18. Some repairs by David Musslewhite including bridge replacement, refret and neck reset as well as an impact to top edge.A few repaired cracks with some cleats. Top and back have been touched up and oversprayed. The front of the peghead has been refinished with a new decal. The 1 3/4 neck feels great. Original case.
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1952 Martin 000-18

Just in: Fresh neck reset. Only one small pickguard crack I see that was repaired. Great vibe from the family of the original owner. Some wear. Plays easy and sounds swell! Non original case.
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1941 Martin D-18

Changed bridge with a little touchup, few pretty long back cracks, some not as bad on side and maybe a couple of old repaired ones on top. New fingerboard just installed. This is a strong sounding guitar. Rough original case.
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1947 Martin D-18

SOLD! One of the better sounding late 40's D-18 I've owned. Well, owned twice! Couple of minor cracks. This is a very nice sounding late 40's guitar that is in pretty good shape as well. You gotta try it! Non original case.
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1963 Gibson Byrdland

Just in: Excellent plus all original Byrd! Nice attractive curly back and a flamey neck. A little stand wear on neck and a couple of small cracks at jack plate. 2 Pat # pickups. Nice original brown case.
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1957 Martin D-18

SOLD: Nice crisp red spruce top! This is really a strong sounding 50's D-18! Few small back cracks, no biggie. Some strap wear to finish and a little neck wear. Refret. Non original case.
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1946 Martin D-28 Herringbone

SOLD: All original with not a lot playing wear and some of the prettiest Brazilian ever! A couple of small pickguard cracks. The back has been buffed and the bridge reglued and neck reset. Late 1946 serial number. The original bridge has been shaved a tad and saddle replaced.. This guitar is a very nice piece for the collection! Comes with the original case. Wow!
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