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1963 Gibson Les Paul Junior

Just in: All original with original hardshell case. Pickguard crack.
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1939 Recording King Ray Whitley

Just in: Very clean rosewood model. Few cracks on sides and back. Pickguard crack on top. Small strap pin touch up on back by heel. Nice vibrant sunburst. Non original case.
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1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior

Sold!! Not mint but not trashed... really not bad at all! Some bumps and bruises but all original except capacitor. Fresh refret. Resonates great and the P90 is killer. The tops cherry finish is darker than picture portrays. This is the kind of condition we like to play out on the gigs! Non original case.
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1939 Martin D-18

Great Shadetop player with enough issues to make it affordable. According to 3 top authorities,( have in writing), the top is the original sunburst with some touchup on edges. Obviously you can see that the dark band extends down farther than it should. You can see where the original yellow is coming through the black. Back, sides and neck have been oversprayed a long time ago. Several cracks...
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1943 Martin D-18

One of the most responsive ones I've played. You hardly have to dig into this one at all before great tone jumps out. Refret and a crack by pickguard and a few side cracks.. Thin shim at the end of the fingerboard. Johnnies name on back (Go Johnnie Go!) Period case.
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1939 Martin D-18

Great affordable Pre War player! This one has the desirable 1 3/4 nut width. It was retopped by Martin in 1970, so yes, Sitka. My luthier scalloped it and it came out sounding wonderful. The top looks dirty and old. The back, sides and headstock have been oversprayed forever ago. Probably an old refret. Changed pickguard. Period hardshell case.
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1958 Martin D-18

I love the top on this one, looks like Red Spruce but not sure. This one has already had a neck reset and is ready to go. There are a few top edge case boo boo's. Couple of cracks at butt end. Original case.
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1946 Martin D-28

All original except 5 frets and saddle. Neck has been reset. Sounds big and open and has no cracks! Original case.
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1940 Gibson Recording King Ray Whitley

Amazing feeling hard V neck on this killer sounding Mahogany example. Although it has a few repaired top cracks, it is in pretty nice condition overall. Recent neck reset. This guitar has great punch while still retaining some good warmth. It's also one of the lightest acoustics I've had in a good while. A feather! Non original case.
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1967 Gibson J-45

Pretty clean condition overall with some wear around the hole. One tuner post replaced.The neck profile is a little fuller for a later 60's. Sounds big and full, it will surprise you! Original soft case.
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