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1943 Martin D-18

The most responsive to the lightest touch D-18 I've ever heard. The tone just gushes out with just the lightest strum. Super warm sounding. It has had a neck reset, refret, bridge and saddle. One repaired top crack by pickguard and a few on sides. Thin shim at end of fingerboard. Light build with Ebony rod. If you like lots of great tone without having to play hard at all, this is the one. Nice...
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1957 Martin D-18

Just in: Great sounding guitar with original red spruce top. Few tightly repaired side cracks. Good action and good saddle height. Lots, of snap, crackle pop with this one! Great looker too! Non original case.
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1967 Gibson ES-330

Rare Lyre Vibrato on a Near Mint guitar! Resonates great unplugged! One of the cleanest I've seen.. Later hardshell case.
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1948 Martin D-18

Lots of charactor with this D-18. The top shows wear and has had a few small cracks glued and a recent neck reset. All original finish. Nice playing and sounding guitar. Non original case.
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1968 Fender Telecaster Custom

Great vintage vibe from this all original Tele Custom with a Killer neck . Neck and body both look to still be Nitro finish. The original frets have divits and may need replacing. Still has the original cloth wiring. I haven't popped the neck but I can see April 6?. Assuming it's a 68 because April 67 would be a transition logo and 69 would probably not have the cloth wiring, have poly finish and...
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1950 Martin D-28

I just acquired this guitar back that I purchased from the original owner several years ago. All original except bridge, saddle and neck reset. All original finish and I see nothing that I can call for sure a crack. There are a couple of deep scratches on the top. It sounds great and nicely balanced. Nice straight grained Brazilian. Original frets are hanging in there for the time being. Comes...
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1946 Martin D-28

Early 46 with Tbar. All original except a few frets and saddle. Recent neck reset. Some honest wear. Sounds Big and no finish issues or cracks! Original case.
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