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1938 Gibson J-35

Just in: A very tidy clean 1938 J-35 with a very nice vibrant sunburst. Nice feeling V neck. Center seam repair with wood strip underneath. Pickguard crack as well as a side crack. The back is very clean and crack free. 3 unscalloped tone bars. Action is great and playabilty and sound is spot on. Non original case.
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1949 Gibson J-45

Sold: As evident, this one has been put to use over the years. Other than the pickguard hole, nothing much going on too major. Two back cracks, which will be repaired this weekend. Refret. Period tuners. Non original case.
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1958 Martin D-28

Old oversprayed top but super strong sounding example! 2 cracks on lower side near strap pin. Back and sides are in very nice condition otherwise. Fresh neck reset and saddle. Top has some very nice silking. Braces have been scalloped. Non original case.
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1957 Martin D-28

Big warm sounding D-28 with a red spruce top! This guitar has been scalloped and sounds wonderful. Fresh neck reset and saddle. One cleated pickguard crack as well as one lower on lower side that has also been cleated. Some foolishness around the bridge. Original case.
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1951 Martin D-28

Super nice Excellent original condition early 50's D-28 with no cracks! Fresh neck reset and saddle. A great sounding, clean, original, no excuses guitar with the original case.
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1940 Gibson J-55

Sold: Very cool transisition J-55 having the standard peghead but still the mustache bridge and longer scale. Some bubbling on back from probably laying on strap in case. One pickguard crack. A little touchup around trussrod cover. 2 plugs, one on side and one under decal. Sounds wonderful. Non original case.
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1943 Martin 000-18

Sold: This one has had a replaced bridge ( looks original) and neck reset by Dennis Berck. Some slight touchup around bridge area . Few cracks. Set up great with plenty of saddle. Headstock has some gunky residue probably from over oiling tuners. One odd tuner. Period soft case.
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1943 Gibson J-45

Sold: Early Banner J-45. Triple bound top and no trussrod. #907 batch. All original finish. Back has a couple of repaired cracks. Pretty chunky neck. Period tuners. Some finish worn off side of neck. New bridge. Packs a lot of punch! Non original case.
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1954 Martin D-18

Sold:Very well maintained early 50's D-18 that sounds awesome! The first 6 frets have been replaced. One of the better sounding 50's ones I've heard. One small pickguard crack on outer edge. Original softshell case.
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1939 Martin D-18

One out of the first dozen Martin guitars made in 1939. Earlier wide neck. A couple of cracks that are cleated on upper side and a couple at pickguard. All original finish. Newer bridge. First 3 frets replaced. I haven't found any cracks on the back. A very stout sounding rear braced wide neck Pre War D-18! Original case.
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1943 Martin D-18

SOLD:: This is a really great one! Featherweight with lots of crack and punch. Small impact repair on back edge. This one's killer! Non original case.
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