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1946 Martin D-28

All original except a few frets and saddle. Recent neck reset. Some honest wear. Sounds Big and no finish issues or cracks! Original case.
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1970 Martin D-35S

Just in: These are getting to be somewhat more rare. I had my luthier to replace the original oversized 70's bridgeplate with a thinner maple one and boy did it make a difference! New bridge also. Great comfy action. Wider fingerboard. Some repaired cracks on top. It sounds Mighty Fine.. trust me! Original case.
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1949 Gibson J-45

Sort of a transitional guitar having a 1950 FON with 1949 features with the the small bridge and open back tuners, buttons replaced. Few top crack repairs and one on back. Some wear but plays easy and sounds good. Non original case.
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2016 Judge Wolfe D-42

Absolute killer guitar from one of the finest upcoming builders around, Judge Wolfe. This beautiful specimen sports all the right ingredients: Adi top, Brazilian back and sides, 1 3/4 nut width, forward braced and scalloped. Very attractive flamed maple binding around body, fingerboard and headstock. Sounds amazing but don't take my word for it. Hardshell case.
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2016 Judge Wolfe D-18

Another offering from Danville Kentucky builder/luthier Judge Wolfe. This one is based off a Pre-War D-18 with very attractive mahogany back and sides, forward braced, scalloped, Adi top, and 1 3/4 nut width. Outstanding quality. Sounds and plays wonderful! Top notch guitar from a top notch builder who you'll be hearing more about soon! Hardshell case.
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2016 Judge Wolfe D-28 Herringbone

A spectacular guitar from builder/luthier Judge Wolfe located in historic Danville Kentucky. This awesome model is based on a Pre-war D-28 but with a couple of twists! It's forward braced, scalloped, 1 3/4 nut width, snowflake inlay, Adi top, and Brazilian back and sides. The neck, body and headstock are all flamed maple bound with front of the headstock having a very attractive ornate inlay. The...
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1945 Martin 00-18

Nice little big necked 40's 00-18! Has one plug on top as well as a repaired crack. Recent neck reset with handmade bridge and saddle. Non original case.
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~1948 Gibson Southern Jumbo (SJ)

Circa 1948 that's well broken in but sounds and plays wonderful. Repaired top crack with top sunk in a tad in that area. No number on neck block. Would benefit with a refret. One of the Best I've heard.Non original case.
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1947 Gibson Southern Jumbo (SJ)

Excellent condition earlier SJ without binding. This one sounds outstanding! Probably newer bridge. 2 back cracks. Post war logo over the Script. I've had 3 guitars like this recently. My take is they had these guitars laying around til 1947 and they wanted the new post war logo on them before shipping them out. Also, no FON which is typical for 1946. Who know's with Gibson right? Overall a...
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