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1942 Gibson J-35

SOLD: Last year version with 2 scalloped bars and a french heel. Neck reset by John Arnold. Sounds great Original tuners back on. 3 small cracks on side and pickguard crack. Nice one! Non original case.
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1943 Martin D-18

Sold:I was really thinking on keeping this one until a 1939 recently won me over. This is a really great one! Featherweight with lots of crack and punch. Small impact repair on back edge. Maybe a few frets replaced. This one's killer! Non original case.
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1936 Martin 000-18

SOLD! Amazing sounding Pre War 000-18 ! This one was stamped March 10 1936 and cleared inspection on June 23rd of that year. Only a couple of slight pickguard cracks. All original finish. Original rosewood bridge helps to make it sound very loose and open. Refret. This one has the magic. Period case.
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1939 Martin D-18

Great Shadetop player with enough issues to make it affordable. According to 3 top authorities,( have in writing), the top is the original sunburst with some touchup on edges. Obviously you can see that the dark band extends down farther than it should. You can see where the original yellow is coming through the black. Back, sides and neck have been oversprayed a long time ago. Several cracks...
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1939 Martin D-18

1939 Martin D-18 16 % off
Sold: Great affordable Pre War player! This one has the desirable 1 3/4 nut width. It was retopped by Martin in 1970, so yes, Sitka. My luthier scalloped it and it came out sounding wonderful. The top looks dirty and old. The back, sides and headstock have been oversprayed forever ago. Probably an old refret. Changed pickguard. Period hardshell case.
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1946 Martin D-28

Sold ! All original except 5 frets and saddle. Neck has been reset. Sounds big and open and has no cracks! Original case.
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1953 Martin D-18

1953 Martin D-18 20 % off
Mystery Top from 1953! Few repaired cracks. Some play wear but not abused. Refret. This guitar sounds amazing!! Original case.
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1949 Martin D-28

SOLD! Powerhouse! All original finish, neck reset, refret, new bridge and saddle and heel repair. This guitar has a great big tapered sound and a great vibe! Original tuners back on. Best sounding 1949 we've (and others) have heard. Non original case.
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