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1939 Gibson Recording King Ray Whitley

I'll probably renig and pull this soon to keep but get it while it lasts! It's Rosewood, Rare and sounds amazing! Few minor repaired cracks. The closest alternative to an Advanced Jumbo for less than half the price. Period Tweed case.
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1940 Gibson Recording King Ray Whitley

Amazing feeling hard V neck on this killer sounding Mahogany example. Although it has a few repaired top cracks, it is in pretty amazing condition overall. recent neck reset. This guitar has great punch while still retaining some good warmth. It's also one of the lightest acoustics I've had in a good while. A feather! Non original case.
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1967 Gibson J-45

Pretty clean condition overall with some wear around the hole. The neck profile is a little fuller for a later 60's. Sounds big and full, it will surprise you! Original soft case.
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~1947 Gretsch New Yorker

~1947 Gretsch New Yorker 16 % off
Nice warm sounding little jazz box probably from the late 1940's. Fresh neck reset. Top back of headstock has been sanded some. Back has some quilt. Why buy a reissue? Non original case.
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1946 Martin D-28

Early 46 with Tbar. All original except a few frets and saddle. Recent neck reset. Some honest wear. Sounds Big and no finish issues or cracks! Original case.
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