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1936 Recording King Tenor Guitar with 6 strings !

ca. 1936 Recording King Tenor guitar with 6 strings! EXC - I've never seen another tenor guitar with double course treble strings and single course bass strings, thus a 6 string tenor guitar! A nice chimey strong sound results. A video link is below. This one is in excellent condition with some finish wear but no big scratches and no cracks anywhere. Sunburst spruce top with the fabulous...
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1913 Shutt Professinal Style A-1

1913 Shutt Professional Style A-1 Mandolin EXC This mandolin made by The Shutt Mandolin and Guitar Company in Topeka, Kansas has many innovations that appeared later on Gibson's "Loar" F-5. Carved spruce top with F-holes and mahogany back and sides. Twelve frets to the body with an elevated fingerboard and elevated pickguard. It's all original from the tuning pegs to the tailpiece with a...
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1953 Guild M-75 Aristocrat (Bluesbird)

1953 Guild M-75 (Aristocrat) Electric Guitar EXC This guitar is identical to the one that was presented to Banana by Mark Dronge at the Guild Factory in 1966 that was later modified by Rick Turner at Alembic with abalone trim, extended head stock, new fingerboard with fancy inlays, etc... It is in excellent original condition with mild play wear. Suburst top and mahogany back and sides....
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1936 ViviTone Top Of The Line

1936 Vivitone Acousti Guitar EXC+ Well, I never thought I'd part with this gem from the "Loar Collection" but here goes. I've seen and owned a number of these but this is not only the nicest but also the only one I've run across with triple WBW binding on both the top and the back. These 'brainchildren' of Lloyd Loar did not prove commercially successful but have unique innovations. The...
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1915 Dayton The Dayton Mandolin Banjo

mid teens "The Dayton" Banjo Mandolin" EXC ++ We have another gem here in museum quality that is not only rare but a great sounding instrument. Made by Charles Rauch in (guess where) Dayton, Ohio known for his high quality and innovative instruments. Unique horizontally laminated thick rim of maple and walnut with a metal tone ring. Pearl inlaid "The Dayton" on the headstock with metal...
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1935 Kay Kraft Venetian Gold Leaf

mid 30's Kay Kraft Venetian Gold Leaf guitar EXC You can find a lot of beat up models like this but I have not seen one in as fine condition as this example. No cracks and hardly any scratches or blemishes. Sunburst top with the gold leaf in fine shape and the Indian Heads clean and crisp. Straight neck and adjustable action via the large wingnut inside and the sliding adjuster pad at the...
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1944 Martin D-28 Herringbone

1944 Martin Herringbone D-28 EXC Serial # 89361 Thus, scalloped braces. Adirondack Spruce top and that classic "log" Brazilian rosewood back and sides. 1 11/16" Nut Width. Typical center seam repair and no other issues and all original. This is the classic Bluegrass Bone. I've had it for decades but now I play almost exclusively 5 string tenor guitar. so I can bear to part with this, my...
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1931 Vega Vegavox IV De-Luxe Tenor Banjo

ca. 1931 Vega Vegavox IV Deluxe Tenor Banjo EXC ++ This is one of the very nicest, classiest banjos I have ever seen. And it rings out loud and clear and plays perfectly. It has been restored by Renee Karnes several years ago and has received basically no wear since then. Here is the original catalog picture and the catalog description. ( $425.00 in 1931 = $6,653.58 in 2016 dollars)...
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~1935 KayKraft Flat Top Jumbo Gold Leaf Tenor Guitar

ca. 1935 Kay Kraft Flat Top Tenor Guitar EXC - This is the only one of these Indian Head Gold Leaf motif flat top tenors I've ever run across and it is a hoss. Big bold sound from the almost 15" wide ladder braced spruce top and mahogany back and sides will hold up just fine in an ensemble situation. All originalfrom the end pin to the Grover tuning pegs. Lovely MOTS headstock. A pickup was...
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~1935 KayKraft Flat Top Jumbo

ca. 1935 Kay Kraft Flat Top Tenor Guitar EXC - This is the only one of these Indian Head Gold Leaf motif flat top tenors I've ever run across and it is a hoss. Big bold sound from the almost 15" wide ladder braced spruce top and mahogany back and sides will hold up just fine in an ensemble situation. All originalfrom the end pin to the Grover tuning pegs. Lovely MOTS headstock. A pickup was...
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1928 Vega Style N 5 string conversion

1928 Vega Style N 5 String Conversion EXC - This is a wonderful player as well as a beautiful piece of art. The 10 15/16" head is graced with a lovely, whimsical art deco illustration of two frolicking nudes. It has the simple "rolled over" tone ring. The bottom of the metal pot cladding sits in a ledge that locates the cladding precisely on the pot. The rolled-over tone ring doesn't sit on...
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1946 Martin D-28

1946 Martin D-28 EXC - Here is a Bone just the way you want to find them ... unmolested ! It has been played and there is some play wear as you can see but no ugly play wear. The guitar looks great. And there are no repairs done or needed. There are no cracks anywhere that go through the wood but let's look very closely at three spots on the top . There is one long gouge and next to it is...
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~1934 Rafaele Tieri Flat Top Cutaway Plectrum Guitar

Rafaele Tieri Plectrum Guitar ca. 1925 - 35 VG+ I've probably seen as many Tieri instruments as anyone but this is the first plectrum guitar I've seen and with it's 15 3/4" body it's one of the largest Tieri instruments I've seen. And it is a strong instrument with plenty of meat in the lower range (I've got it tuned to G D A E with beefy bronze strings) and in the upper ranges as well. (to...
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~1895 Howe-Orme Style 3 Mandoliin (Mandolinetto)

ca. 1895 Howe Orme Style 3 Mandolin (Mandolinetto) EXC +++ This is a museum quality condition example of this cylinder top design but it also plays and sounds terrific with fine volume. Classic aged Adirondak spruce top is crack free as are the brazilian rosewood back and sides. Simple rosewood peghead overlay and original tuning pegs that work just fine. The label is in fine shape and the...
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1905 Larson Brothers - Stahl Stahl Style 8 Mandolin

ca. 1905 Stahl Style 8 Mandolin EXC but for one very hard to see (and even harder to photograph) crack in the bowl back that has been expertly repaired. Email for a large picture that shows it better if interested. It does not affect structural integrity nor playability. The rest of the instrument is splendid with the abalone trimmed top with it's ornate inlaid tortoise shell pickguard...
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~1928 Epiphone Recording Model A Tenor Guitar

ca. 1928 Epiphone Recording "A" Tenor Guitar VG++ These Epiphone Recording guitars are some of the best sounding tenors around and they take a low G D A E tuning really well. This one, unlike the blonde one in the museum has a sunburst top that has been refinished and original finish dark stained birch back and sides. All original with the possible exception of the end pin and just two...
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1939 Regal Le Domino Big Boy

ca. 1939 Le Domino "Big Boy" by Regal VG + This Big Boy has a 15 1/4" lower bout and a scale length of 25 1/2 " with a nut width of 1 7/8" and it is a great fingerpicking guitar. Sorta like an archtop, sorta like a flat top. The top appears to be solid spruce and the back looks like birch. It is all original from the tuning pegs to the tailpiece, bridge and pickguard. The script on the...
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~1935 John Grey $ Sons Banjo Uke

BU - 0004 ca. 1935 John Grey Banjo Uke EXC Very nice little banjo uke from the esteemed English maker John Grey. Birds eye maple back and blue striped maple sides. 10 1/4" head and 13 1/4" scale length. Maple rim and mahogany neck and dowel. Resonator attaches with a single thumb knob. There is a dark grain line that definitely is not a crack in the heel of which we have large pictures....
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1941 Gibson ES-300 N Electric Archtop

1941 Gibson ES- 300 N EXC This gorgeous blonde is Gibsons 2nd version of the ES-300. Gibson records show that this one #97316 was shipped on December 15, 1941 just one week after the attack on Pearl Harbor so it was one of the very last electrics shipped before they had to shut down guitar manufacturing for the war. There were about 135 of this top of the line electric model made with the...
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~1937 Vega Flat Top Concert Size

VF - 00011 ca. 1937 Vega Flat Top Guitar EXC + It is unusual to find a Vega flat top in this large size ... a shade under 14 3/4" at the lower bout and a maximum body depth of 4 1/2 inches. Combined with the 25" scale length this yields a big strong sound. It is ladder braced and was built for steel strings with a long bridge plate and two tone bars below the plate. The nut width is 1...
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~1915 Clifford Essex Essex 5 String Banjo

EB - 0007 Mid teens Clifford Essex 5 String Banjo EXC With its 11 inch rim spunover what looks like mahogany and a simple hoop tonering and nice skin head, this old feller gets a mighty sweet old timey sound. Scale Length is 26 3/4" and the nut width is 3/16 and the mahogany neck shows wear on the back and is very comfortable to play. Ebony fingerboard has lovely abalone and pearl ...
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1928 Gibson A Model Blackface

GM - 00089 1928 Gibson A Model Blackface EXC A little wear on the black top and a bit as well on the birch back and sides which like the rest of the mandolin are crack free. This is a real good player with a good strong sound. Silver stenciled "The Gibson" on the truss rodded headstock and original tuning pegs. Adjustable bridge with 1921 patent stamp and nice engraved tailpiece....
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~1929 Oscar Schmidt - Sovereign Sovereign Flat Back Mandolin

SM - 0008 Oscar Schmidt "Sovereign" Mandolin EXC From the mid to late twenties, this rare little beauty plays just great and has a really nice full mellow sound. Pearloid fingerboard and headstock and beautifully grained book matched mahogany (or maybe it's koa) back and sides. The wide grain spruce top is crack free as is the rest of the mando and has an inlaid pearloid pickguard,...
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1953 Fender Precision

FB - 00022 1953 Fender Precision Bass VG - The body date on this one is 5-30-53. Many changes and modifications. Natural refinish. Some 'contouring' done to the body perhaps for a female player. It IS more comfortable than the straight slab. The back is pretty clean. The pickup is original and the knobs and knob coverplate also seem to be original. The finger rest could be as well....
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