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1965 Fender Jazz Bass

This is a very Rare custom color Fender Jazzbass in this Beautiful Firemist Gold with a Matching headstock. This is definitely one of the best custom color bass's we have seen along time! This is an all original beautiful example of Fender's Custom color work in the 1960's. Also included are both original covers and the original Fender hard shell case. This is a Fantastic playing collectors grade...
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1966 Fender Stratocaster

One of the finest examples of a "Fiesta Red" finish we've seen on a mid 60's Stratocaster, this beautiful 1966 example was acquired from a large collection and sold by Rumble Seat Music and we're thrilled to have it back in the store! This rare "custom color" finish is vibrant and unfaded, and perfectly complimented by the three-ply white pickguard, dark rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot...
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2004 Fender '55 Precision Bass John English Masterbuilt

Part of the personal collection of Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick, this 1955 reissue is one of the best basses to come out of the Fender Custom Shop we've seen! Built by perhaps the most renowned Master Builder, the late John English, this lightweight  bass is based on a one-of-a-kind, special ordered '50s P-bass in a custom "Red" finish. It features a fantastic playing maple neck, all original...
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1974 Fender Stratocaster

A great playing Stratocaster in a beautiful "Mocha" finish. Only offered for a short time in the 70s, you don't see Strats in "Mocha" come up for sale often. With a comfortable "C" neck profile and maple fingerboard, large headstock, and a trio of original single coil pickups, this guitar offers a variety of great tones. This instrument also includes the original Fender hardshell case.
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1991 Gibson Tom Petersson

This is a one-of-a-kind bass made for Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick by the Gibson Custom Shop! The only 12 string bass Gibson has made so far, this instrument features 4 courses of 3 strings for the unmistakable piano-like bass sound heard on so many Cheap Trick classics. A truly unique instrument that was part of Tom's personal collection.
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1967 Eko 360/2 Florentine

An extremely rare, Italian made bass, this instrument was part of the personal collection of Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick! One of the cleanest 60's Eko instruments we've seen, this 960/2 Florentine bass features an easy-to-play neck with wide double cutaway body allowing full access to the neck. The pickups can be used individually or together with volume and tone for each, offering a wide...
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Vox Apollo

Another fantastic bass from the personal collection of Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick! This 1960's Vox Apollo model features an incredible sounding treble boost and distortion circut built in, as well as an electronic pitch-pipe feature. This is the perfect bass fort for fans of 60's Garage and Psychedelic rock sounds!
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Vox Astro IV

Another bass from the personal collection of Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick, this Italian-made 1960s Astro IV features a built-in treble booster and distortion circuit. This is the model made famous by Bill Wyman in the Rolling Stones "Rock n' Roll Circus" performance. It has a great playing neck with rosewood fingerboard, hollowbody construction with a distinctive "violin" shaped body and a unique...
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Fender Telecaster

These "Crafted in Japan" era Telecasters are some of the best New Fender guitars made! Based on the extremely rare and coveted 1968 "Blue Floral" Telecasters, this great playing Tele comes from the personal collection of Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick! The instrument is in "like new" condition, with minimal signs of play wear. A great sounding Tele with a killer '60s vibe!
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1959 Gibson ES-175

1959 Gibson ES-175 36 % off
This is a Very Rare Custom Ordered in That Beautiful Watermelon/Cherry finish. It has all the incredible features that Gibson had in 1959, 2-P.A.F. pickups that sound Amazing, the 59' profile neck, Long Guard and a custom-ordered one-off body that 1/4" thinner than a standard ES-175. The guitar includes a custom made brown Lifton case made to fit the guitar, as well as  copy of the Gibson Ledger...
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1966 Gibson Firebird III

This rare "Polaris White" Non-Reverse body Firebird III was part of  Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick's personal collection! With three screaming "Soap-bar" p90 pickups, great playing mid-60's neck and the original Maesetro vibrato tailpiece this is a fantastic sounding guitar with a rare finish.
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1968 Fender Telecaster

1968 is one of our favorite years for Telecasters, and this is definitely one of the cleanest examples we've seen! The original "see-thru Blonde" finish is unfaded, while the "Maple Cap" neck is the perfect "medium C" profile. The original bridge pickup sounds full and raunchy; a truly rock n' roll telecaster! If you're looking for a clean "Maple Cap" Telecaster that sounds as good as it looks,...
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1960 Rickenbacker 450

An early example of this rare Rickenbacker model, this 1960 Rickenbacker 450 is one of the best playing Rickenbacker's we've had. The original "Cresting Wave" body shape with neck-thru construction are accented by a gold Anodized pickguard and matching metal headstock logo, and the two "toaster" style pickups provide the classic Rickenbacker tones that helped create the soundtrack of the 60's....
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1950 Silvertone 1354 Aristocrat

A stunning and rare early '50s Silvertone Aristocrat model, this short-lived archtop was produced from 1952-1955. Built by Kay, the single cutaway, 17" body features a factory single DeArmond neck pickup with volume and tone controls, as well as a split-block fingerboard inlay, and "Crest" headstock Overlay. A full and warm sounding guitar both acoustic and plugged in, this example features an...
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1979 Guild S-300

This incredible playing Guild Solid body S-300 model was originally finished in white but has aged into a beautiful shade of "TV Yellow"! With a 24 fret Ebony fingerboard and a pair of HB-1 humbucking pickups, this guitar is set up perfectly. The guitar was fitted with coil taps and out of phase switches that allow for a variety of killer sounds, but the original wiring is included, as well. A...
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1961 Gretsch 6119 Chet Atkins

An incredibly clean example of this rare, single pickups 6119 Chet Atkins model. The original "Western Red" finish is strong and vibrant, while the binding is in fantastic shape throughout. The single humbucking "Filtertron" pickup in the bridge position delivers the classic Gretsch sound that make them the guitar of choice for so many legendary players. The guitar also includes an original...
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1955 Fender Stratocaster

Just in! is this Fine example of a 1955 Fender Stratocaster that has one of the nicest grain we have ever seen on an early 50's Fender. It also has all the early features including Bakelite parts, large profile Maple neck, original 3-way switch, beautiful 2-tone Sunburst finish and it also comes with the original Fender Tweed hard shell case. This guitar is all setup perfectly for any player. A...
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1962 Fender Stratocaster

We are lucky to have just purchased this 1-Owner Very Rare "Lefty" 1962 Fender Stratocaster with the original matching # Hang Tags!. This is something that you don't see very often for sale, especially in this condition. The perfect playing, medium "C" neck profile features a dark Rosewood fingerboard with clay dot inlays, as well as the early Fender "Spaghetti" logo, while the beautiful 3-tone...
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2019 Utopia Custom Shop Traditional Tele

Another beautiful guitar from the Utopia Custom Shop in Italy, these hand made instruments are faithful recreations of classic Fender designs. This Telecaster style sports a unique “Utopia Blue” turquoise finish. With a perfect medium “C” bound neck profile and dark Rosewood fingerboard, this guitar offers the looks and feel of a well-loved vintage instrument. Available in the US only through...
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2019 Utopia Custom Shop Traditional Strat

Another beautiful guitar from the Utopia Custom Shop in Italy, these hand made instruments are faithful recreations of classic Fender designs, and this “Fiesta Red” Strat style is one of the best yet! With a perfect medium “C” bound neck profile, dark Rosewood fingerboard, aged pearl inlays, and dead-on “Fiesta Red” finish, this guitar offers the looks and feel of a well-loved vintage instrument....
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1952 Gibson Consollete

A very rare example of a Gibson Korina double neck "Consolette" steel guitar. This guitar features two unique 8 pole piece P90 pickups, as well as the same plastic found on the later Explorer, Flying V and Les Paul models, and includes a Brown Lifton case. We've never seen another like it for sale; a must have for collectors of steel guitars and fans of Korina instruments.
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Gibson Les Paul

This faithful recreation of the famous "Old Black" Les Paul used by Neil Young comes from the personal collection of renowned producer and guitarist John Shanks. It started life as a Gibson USA "Goldtop" and was modified by the UK's Painted Player Guitar Co. with a Gibson Firebird pickup in the bridge position, Sprauge "orange drop" capacitors, phase switch, Schaller tuners, and a Bigsby tremolo...
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2015 Gibson Les Paul "Collecters Choice" #34

This a limited edition Gibson Custom Shop "Collector's Choice" recreation of the famous "Blackburst" 1960 Les Paul now owned by Joe Bonamassa. The original guitar was custom ordered in 1960 because the owner could not afford a Les Paul Custom but wanted the striking black finish found on those models. Gibson simply painted a black anodyne dye on top of an existing Sunburst Standard model. This...
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2010 Gibson Les Paul "Year of Innovation"

This is a Custom Shop prototype guitar for a very limited run of 1955 reissue Les Paul goldtops made in 2010. It celebrates the innovations to the Les Paul model for that year, specifically the addition of the "ABR-1" bridge and stop tail piece that allowed for better intonation. This example is in great shape. It features an incredible playing mid-50's neck profile with a "Soft V" shape, a pair...
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2007 Gibson ES-335 P90

Part of a limited run, this Memphis-made Gibson ES-335 P90 model was owned and used by legendary guitarist Rick Vito. Combining the semi-hollow construction of the ES-335 with a pair of "dogear" P90 pickups usually found in 330 models, this guitar offers a unique twist on a vintage design. It features a fast-playing and comfortable '60s neck profile, and with four separate push/pull pots for a...
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1963 Gibson SG/Les Paul

An extremely rare, custom ordered factory Bigsby SG/Les Paul model, this 1963 example is similar to the one famously used by Mick Taylor of the Rolling Stones. With an original "PAF" humbucking pickup in the bridge and "patent number" pickup in the neck position, this is certainly one of the best sounding SG guitars to come through the store. The '63 neck profile is comparable to the desirable...
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1966 Gibson Trini Lopez

This is one of the best sounding Trini Lopez guitars we have ever heard. This has all the standard Trini Lopez features like "Diamond" shaped "F" holes, split diamond inlays, Firebird non-reverse headstock, and 2 amazing sounding Patent Number pickups. The original trapeze tailpiece was replaced by a stop tail bridge. The neck is medium and round, playing extremely well. An amazing playing...
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1959 Gibson Les Paul Junior

Just out of a major collection, this exceptionally clean double-cut Les Paul Jr. has the perfect 1959 neck! The beautiful mahogany body maintains the earlier squared off body style usually found on 58 models. Light weight and resonant, this guitar has all the bite one would expect from a single "dog ear" p90 pickup. A great playing guitar, this all original example includes the alligator skin...
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2009 Gibson Les Paul Mike Bloomfield #19

Part of a limited run of 100 guitars, this 2009 '59 reissue is a faithful recreation of the famous "Burst" used by celebrated Chicago blues guitarist Mike Bloomfield. This has one of the most highly figured flame maple tops of any Custom Shop Les Paul we've seen! A one owner guitar, this instrument includes the original certificate of authenticity and all original hang tags and "case candy", as...
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1956 Gibson Les Paul Special

This is one of the best playing. sounding and coolest looking Specials we have ever seen! Included is the picture of the original owner "Jessie Dawkins" playing it in the early days of its life. Also included is the Original Brown Gibson 5 latch case. This is the perfect package for any player or anyone that wants the best playing 50's T,V, Special.
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