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1987 Jackson Budweiser Custom Handcrafted!

In the late 1980s, I was approached about redesigning the Budweiser Guitars for Anheuser Busch by the Head of Special Projects - Concert Tours, Car Races, Boat Races, Boxing Matches, Festivals, Tennis Matches, etc.. They had been trying to get premier bands to use the Dean bolt-on neck cheap guitars. No bands were willing to use those! So, the project was turned over to me. Paul Hamer was...
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1959 Gibson Kluson Deluxe Tuners

1959 Gibson Kluson  Deluxe Tuners 15 % off
I am currently starting to sell off prime, vintage parts that I kept for myself over the decades, from my personal collection. Due to major heart problems & chronic back injuries, the best parts are now going up for sale! This set of tuners has the original buttons, the larger lube ports in the backs that are specific to 1959. These were used on the 1959 sunburst Les Paul Standards, ES-335...
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~1957 Gibson Les Paul Standard

~1957 Gibson Les Paul Standard 28 % off
Beautifully restored 1957 Les Paul Model, original gold top with PAFs, 2 piece curly maple top, original ABR-1, Stop tailpiece w/ studs, jackplate, R-T ring, EARLY pre-sticker PAFs, single ring original Kluson Deluxe tuners, all original 500K pots dated very early '57, bumble bee caps, jack, original frets, etc. Replacement Gibson "Historic" pickup frames & pickguard. The front of the headstock,...
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