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1987 Jackson Budweiser Custom Handcrafted!

In the late 1980s, I was approached about redesigning the Budweiser Guitars for Anheuser Busch by the Head of Special Projects - Concert Tours, Car Races, Boat Races, Boxing Matches, Festivals, Tennis Matches, etc.. They had been trying to get premier bands to use the Dean bolt-on neck cheap guitars. No bands were willing to use those! So, the project was turned over to me. Paul Hamer was...
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~1957 Gibson Les Paul Standard

~1957 Gibson Les Paul Standard 28 % off
Beautifully restored 1957 Les Paul Model, original gold top with PAFs, 2 piece curly maple top, original ABR-1, Stop tailpiece w/ studs, jackplate, R-T ring, EARLY pre-sticker PAFs, single ring original Kluson Deluxe tuners, all original 500K pots dated very early '57, bumble bee caps, jack, original frets, etc. Replacement Gibson "Historic" pickup frames & pickguard. The front of the headstock,...
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