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1979 Music Man Stingray Bass

Super nice all original Jan 79 Music Man Stingray Bass in original black with maple neck. First variant string through body, serial number on bridge, small frets, fantastic large C feeling neck shape, sounds great (best board direct recording bass ever). No modifications or repairs, no cracks or breaks, all original finish and parts. Perfectly straight neck with a working truss rod, no fret wear....
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1971 Fender® Mustang® Bass

Super rare straight out of Vegas this known instrument belonging to professional bassist Ed Smith, his all-original 1971 blue metal flake Mustang Bass. This factory original rarity conforms exactly to the approach and execution of Fender’s metal flake finish installation process. Unknown to many enthusiasts whenever Fender painted a guitar with a metal flake color they taped off or removed paint...
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1977 Gibson Flying V Case w Tags

Super nice almost NOS example of an original 1977 Gibson Flying V case with original paperwork, hang tag ($119) and key in envelope. No modifications or repairs, no structual issues, orignal latches and handle intact and working, Gibson logo is perfect. Interior is pritine, super clean, no smell at all low milage usage if any. Vintage Gear America specializes in selling only near perfect all...
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1962 Fender® Electric Mandolin

Super nice all original 1962 slab board Fender Electric Mandolin serial number 01964 in beautiful sunburst finish with super clean original brown hardshell case with keys. Perfectly straight neck no truss rod, thick Brazilian slab board rosewood fingerboard, factory original frets with some moderate signs of playing wear. Slim narrow V neck profile with an unbound rosewood fingerboard, great V...
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1937 National El Trovador

Near mint Regal made 1937 National square neck resophonic resembling the ultra rare Kay made El Trovador but with later Regal of Chicago features not seen on the 1933 only production of this rare model. Perhaps made as limited production or special order this is exactly what an El Trovador would look like if made in 1937 by Regal of Chicago. Surprisingly clean 14 fret solid peg head pre War...
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1965 Epiphone Texan FT-79

Excruciatingly nice all original Epiphone Texan FT 79 just like the 1964 Texan Paul McCartney used even though his was also right handed. No modifications or repairs, no cracks or breaks, all original finish and parts. Perfectly straight neck with a working truss rod, factory original large frets with only slight signs of playing wear. Slim uniform tapered neck profile with an unbound rosewood...
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2006 Fender® Custom Shop Mary Kaye Relic®

Excruciatingly nice all original 2006 1956 Fender Mary Kaye reissue Custom Shop relic Stratocaster with original G & G tweed case, Custom Shop certificate, 5 way switch and other original paperwork. Nice 7 pounds 4 ounces, great feeling large soft V, just the right amount of relic, fantastic classic look, blonde over ash with gold hardware. No modifications or repairs, no cracks or breaks, all...
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1941 Pre War Martin Uke Ukulele C-1 Concert Taro Patch

Breathtakingly clean is this pristine example an all original 1941 Martin 1-C concert uke ukulele in near perfect condition with original Silbertone (not Silvertone) NY, New York chipboard case. Martin concert ukes are the same body size as their traditional 8-string Hawaiian style taropatch (1918-1932) but with four strings only. Concerts ukes are tuned the same as their smaller sister the...
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1977 Ibanez NOS Korina Modern

Excruciatingly nice all original 1977 Ibanez made copy of Gibson’s Holy Grail collectable the infamous 1958 Gibson Korina Modern! Rare 40 year old Ibanez lawsuit copy of this rare Gibson (the original which we've yet to see), literally looks new, like the day it was made. This near perfect collectable comes with the original hard shell case also pristine, owners manual still in plastic, keys to...
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1998 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Standard Fancy

Crazy fancy new old stock Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Standard like the day it was made in 1998, this guitar has seen no usage whatsoever and has remained virtually unplayed for the last 25 years. Creative special order model or limited custom shop run, (have not seen another like it) utilizing a special light metallic green finish with nickel hardware and pearloid appointments. Even the knobs...
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1972 Fender® Telecaster® Near Perfect

Beautiful all original 1972 Fender Telecaster in near mint condition weighing in at 7 pounds 3 ounces plays and sounds as good as it looks. No modifications or repairs, all original finish and parts, electronics are all original and working. Original pot dates of 1376635 and 1376632 (35th &32nd week of 66), neck date reads 13 AUG 72 B (faded hard to read) serial number of 396331 conforms to all...
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1967 Framus Capri Jazz Model

Fantastic example of a 1967 Framus Capri arch-top electric Jazz guitar in black to red sunburst with one pick-up mounted in the original floating guard with small volume and tone controls. Germanys answer to the demand for archtop guitars with a flare for style only seen from European guitar makers (most notable the Italian instruments), this Germanic expression is certainly not short on panache...
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2000 Gibson Custom Shop Firebird I

WTF Twisted Sister ordered this and another like it from Gibson in 2000 and yes it's original and it's sounds better to say out-loud than in practice. This is a virtually a NOS (new old stock) 16 year old Gibson Custom Shop Firebird I (one of two) number 000043 special ordered by Twisted Sister in PINK METAL-FLAKE SUNBURST....... WTF! Twisted Sister what were you thinking? No modifications or...
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1967 Guild® Starfire™ Bass Near Mint

Super fine 1967 Guild Starfire Bass serial BA1073 in beautiful all original condition complete with the original Guild hard shell case. Early Starfire Bass model with Hagstrom made pickup and bridge, factory no guard model, both original thumb rests are intact. Clean all original condition, no modifications, breaks or repairs, a straight neck with a working truss rod, all original parts, all...
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1962 Gibson SG Standard Ebony Block

Super rare, super clean, all original absolutely gorgeous 1962 Gibson Les Paul SG Standard with rare inlayed ebony stop tailpiece Vibrola. Near mint all original guitar with no issues, no modifications, breaks or repairs. Fantastic guitar, sounds incredible feels unbelievable, the closest you'll get to a Les Paul SG with a stop tailpiece, only better looking. Super stock example has a perfectly...
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1952 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Astonishingly beautiful and ridiculously clean is this all original first year (1952) Les Paul Standard complete with its original brown hard shell case, strap and accessories. Introduced with a metallic gold top in 1952 Gibson's Les Paul Standard is perhaps the most iconic and best known in the history of electric guitars, this is a near perfect example of that first year Gibson Les Paul. This...
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1966 Fender® Electric Mandolin Perfect

Spectacular example of a near perfect 1966 Fender Electric Mandolin serial number 02763 with original hard shell case, Fender strap, store hang/price tags, and case keys in manila envelope. Near perfect instrument with almost no playing wear whatsoever, no fret wear, no abuse wear. The tip of the pickguard has broken off but is still around in the manilla envelope containing the keys. One can...
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1964 National National 85 Bass Perfect

Very rare when this clean and original is this 1964 National 85 model National electric bass serial number G31787 in beautiful Ermine White Res-o-glas with a body shaped like a map of the United States (upper treble bout corresponds to Florida). Super clean all original example with a perfectly straight neck, no modifications or repairs. Two pickup model with a standard single coil in the neck...
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1978 Fender® Jazz Bass®

Super clean mint all original 1978 Fender Jazz Bass serial number S845284 with all paper work and original hard shell case. Desirable rosewood board model in near perfect condition. No modifications or repairs, a perfectly straight neck with a working truss rod, plays and sounds great. A finer example would be impossible to find, possibly the cleanest 78 J Bass on the planet for sale right now....
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1977 George Fullerton's Music Man Sabre II W Matching Headstock

Vintage Gear America is excited and honored to offer this rare opportunity to invest in an iconic piece of guitar manufacturing history. This guitar is prominently featured in text and photograph in George Fullerton's book Guitar Legends and was in his possession since gifted to him by Leo Fender in the mid 1970's while working at Music Man until his death in 2009. This is George Fullerton's 1977...
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1981 Gibson Les Paul Custom Les Paul Owned

Never have we seen Les Paul owned guitars for sale, and then they announced Julien’s of Beverly Hills in June of 2012 was organizing an unprecedented event where Les Paul’s entire musical estate would be sold at auction. This two-day extravaganza was historic; those lucky enough to attend were offered an insight and historical perspective into Les Paul’s life unprecedented and never to be...
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