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2008 Rickenbacker 360

2008 Rickenbacker 360 Jet-Glo 6-String Guitar Embrace the unique sound and sleek style of the 2008 Rickenbacker 360 Jet-Glo, a guitar that stands out with its iconic design and distinctive tone. Perfect for players who crave a blend of vintage charm and modern performance, this instrument offers unparalleled craftsmanship and versatility. Key Features: Model: 2008 Rickenbacker 360...
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2008 Gibson 1968 Reissue Les Paul Custom Triburst

Experience the legendary tone and unmatched craftsmanship with this stunning 2008 Gibson Custom Shop 1968 Triburst Reissue Les Paul Custom. Crafted to perfection, this masterpiece pays homage to the iconic 1968 model, combining vintage charm with modern precision. Key Features: Model: 2008 Gibson Custom Shop 1968 Triburst Reissue Les Paul Custom Finish: Gorgeous Triburst finish...
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2018 Gibson CME ‘59 Les Paul VOS

2018 Gibson CME ‘59 Les Paul VOS $450 off
Pleased to offer this very unique Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul. This ‘59 Les Paul VOS is unlike others. Designed for Chicago Music Exchange, it is a lightweight 8.19 lbs not chambered. It also has the “Carmelita Neck” which is a neck profile carved to replicate the neck of the 1959 Gibson Les Paul known as Carmelita. The profile has an even neck thickness depth at the first fret .9 and the 12th...
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1965 Fender Stratocaster

Pleased to offer this unique all original 1965 Fender Stratocaster L-plate. Small headstock, transition logo, 3-way selector, gray bottom pickups and just a fantastic September ‘65 neck. It has that unique tint only seen in ‘65 and a few stripes where the original owner must have used mailbox letter stickers for his initials, a common thing back then. Just a quality Strat from the CBS...
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1964 Epiphone Casino

1964 Epiphone Casino 15% off
Pleased to offer this one-owner 1964 Epiphone Casino. Just visually striking with the white pickguard against the rich cherry sunburst. Original P-90s at 8.0 that are quite clear and powerful. A great feeling neck, frets with a lot of life and Bigsby make this a deluxe Time Machine. Marked as a second and has a thin crack at the headstock joint but is does not move and is stable. This is...
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1966 Gibson ES-175

1966 Gibson ES-175 23% off
Pleased to offer this beautifully aged and rare faded sunburst 1966 Gibson ES-175. Most of this era are more tobacco sunburst than faded cherry sunburst. Refret but otherwise original with Patent number sticker pickups that sound great.
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