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1958 Fender Precision

100% original. Used but not abused. Anodized guard P basses are my favorite! This one is killer, sounds and plays unbelievable, neck is super straight and the action is low! Lots of belt buckle on back, but face is in great shape. No repairs, overspray, unsoldering, original frets... Comes with non-original black Fender case.
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1931 National Triolian

1931 Triolian... Just reset the neck. It came out great. Action is low (see photo) and ready to play slide or easy fingerstyle. The guitar is 100% original, including tuners, nut, parts and finish. No cracks or repairs. The original cone is in killer shape, no buzzing and very loud. The frets have some wear, but the guitar still plays great and so I didn't change them. Comes with original hard...
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1932 National Style 0

Original National Style 0 resonator in nice shape. It plays great, and sounds like it should... very bluesy! All the works been done, the neck's been set and fretboard has been replaced, so it plays great finger-style. Nice low action and straight neck. Otherwise its all original. There is one repaired crack in the body on the upper bout, but this effects nothing, just adds to the mojo. Comes...
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1952 Fender Roy Buchanan Telecaster

Owned, played, and recorded by Roy Buchanan! Including the “Shredding The Blues” Live album. Own a piece of history, played by one of the greatest guitarists of all time. Call for details and provenance.
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1940 Martin D-28 Herringbone

Nicest there is! From my personal collection. No cracks, no repairs, no nothing except pro neck set by a master. 100% original including frets, bridge, and original case. STUNNING! A once in a lifetime guitar.
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1934 Gibson Roy Smeck Stage Deluxe

Wow!!! Super clean and all original. One owner, never been converted and sounds unbelievable! Most people convert these, but in this condition, and with the sound this thing has for the slide, I'm leaving it alone. If you want to convert it, I understand. One can only imagine what this guitar would sound like as a normal acoustic guitar. Comes with original soft case.
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1965 Epiphone Olympic

Great affordable vintage guitar! Light, nice neck, frets are great, plays and sounds awesome. All original except for re-issue stop bar. Comes with a gig bag.
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1978 Fender Precision Bass

Very clean, all original, Precision Bass. Ready to plug and play. Comes with hard case.
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1965 Fender Stratocaster

Very cool, refin (body only), L-series Strat. The guitar has an incredible "real" look to it. Firemist gold like I've never seen it done before. The neck is a nice chunky neck for a '65 and the neck is original including the finish except for a pro refret. The guitar is a beautiful, professional, player grade guitar. The plastic is all original, the hardware is original. The only alteration to...
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1962 Gibson Melody Maker D

Super clean, one owner, 100% untouched original. Near mint except for very light checking on body. Great neck, frets are like new. Comes with alligator case.
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1964 Gibson Firebird III

Very clean Firebird III. 100% original, no breaks or cracks in neck or body. Comes with original case.
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1954 Fender Stratocaster

First year Strat at an affordable price. This guitar is all original except for refret, new nut, 1 rewound pickup by "JR", and some extra holes under the pickguard. No overspray or other changed parts. The bakelite is original which is unusual these days. The frets make it a great player, big fat neck, great original tone, and nice ash body. Pots date to the 43 week of '54. The tape is inside but...
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1951 Fender Telecaster

100% original black guard Tele, with original "thermometer"case.  For all the analytical blues scientists... Weighs 7 lbs.TG 11/29/51 on neck, 8/10/51 in neck pocket, 8/15/51 on tape.5.19 Front pickup, 6.27 bridge. For all the rest... NICE GUITAR!
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1969 Fender Stratocaster

Think Woodstock! 100% original maple cap neck.
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1955 Fender Stratocaster

Beautiful ash grain! This 1955 Strat is all original except for a changed nut and rubber pickup grommets (original parts are in case). All the bakelite is original and in great shape. No solder joints broken, no rewinds. The guitar has a killer neck, vibe and tone. Comes with tweed case.
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1954 Fender Stratocaster

Very, very early 1954 Stratocaster. Neck and body date of January 1954! Pot dates 20th week of 1954. The guitar shows many of the early signs of a prototype Strat, including no "second rout" in the treble pickup cavity, the larger "painted" truss rod plug, and form fit case. However it sports a regular back plate with a serial number. Caroline on the cavity tape, hard to read it, but maybe...
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1960 Fender Stratocaster

This was won in a card game, years ago, from a well known country artist. Its an original, slab neck, Strat from 1960. The only alterations, as you can clearly see, are very fancy custom neck inlays, refret, and changed saddles. I just put repro steel saddles on the guitar. The rest of the guitar is original, no solder joints broken, no rewinds, and the guitar sounds unbelievable! What a tone...
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1956 Fender Stratocaster

Hard Tail! Very light and resonant guitar... a little over 7 lbs. Who uses the vibrato on a 56 Strat anyway?! This guitar is in nice shape, all original finish, and has a super nice feeling neck. Killer tone, amazing vibe. The guitar is all original except for... The pickup covers are bakelite repro. The knobs are old but not bakelite. The pickguard is a repro, but the original is in the...
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1986 Gallien Krueger 200MB - 112 100 watt Combo Amp

Great compact bass amp, metal cabinet, metal grill. Replaced speaker with Eminance 12" speaker. This is one of the early ones, and it works perfectly. The best amp for upright bass playing!
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~1978 Musicman 210-HD 130 Amp

Vintage 1970's Music Man HD 210 130 Electric Guitar Tube/Valve Combo Amp. Amp appears to be 100% stock. Well played but not abused. Runs right, no problems, speakers are original and working perfectly. Sounds unbelievable, can switch from 65 watts to 130. Deep button allows you to use this amp as bass amp with another bottom! Pickup only!
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1957 Gibson Country Western

Great sounding, affordable, Gibson acoustic from the 1950s! The guitar has great action and sounds incredible. The guitar is all original except for the replaced tuners. Original or repro Klusons will fit right back on! One solid/glued crack above the soundhole. None on the back or sides, none on the neck or headstock. Just normal playing wear, and some minor amateur touch up on the wear spots...
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1957 Gibson ES-175D w/PAFs

Super clean, PAF, ES-175 D. The guitar is 100% original including its Epiphone tuners, which were retro-stamped to make them a "G" instead of an "E". I've seen this before, looks like Gibson wanted to use the Epiphone parts for there guitars after buying the company. Very innovative... or just cheap!? All original except for the tailpiece which is a nickel plated repro direct from Gibson...
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1956 Gibson J-200

Great sounding J-200. A lot of these guitars are flat sounding, stiff, and not that warm... this one is a boomer. Softs softs and loud louds! Normal playing wear gives it a great vibe. Had a hairline seam repair a long time ago, but its tight and the rest of the guitar is all there.  Comes with original brown case.
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1954 Gibson J-50

Very nice, all original J-50. Small guard, great action and tone. There is one small crack repair on back, but the rest of the guitar is in great condition. Comes with non original hard case.
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1957 Fender Telecaster

Great player '57 Tele. Killer V neck and refretted with larger frets than originals. The guitar is all original except for modern wiring (post, cap, and switch are all original) and overspray on the back of the guitar. Call for more details. Comes with original tweed case. Check out for more guitar ardor
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1959 Fender Telecaster

All original except for body refin. Pro job, long time ago, guitar looks awesome. Everything else on the guitar is original including frets, pots, caps, etc. Only other minor change is an added string tree hole which has been filled. Stings through body. Bridge is typical top loader or STB. Neck dates 4/59, pots are 6/59. Neck is nice and chunky, not a typical late 59 skinny neck! Guitar...
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1960 Gibson J-45

Very clean 1960 J-45. The guitar is all original, straight neck, great tone, very little playing wear. There was a small pickguard crack that's been repaired, as well as a jack hole that was filled and repaired. Great sounding vintage acoustic for the price! Comes with soft, non original case. Check out for more guitar ardor
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1959 Fender Bassman

1959 Bassman. Re-tweed. Two original speakers, two Kendricks. Tone to the bone... Everything's been done, and you don't have to worry about messing up a clean, all original Amp. Check out for more guitar ardor
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1958 Gretsch 6120

All original, thumbnail, rockabilly baby... The guitar is in excellent condition with no breaks, repairs or overspray. Strong orange color, very nice, straight neck. Some binding deterioration, but not falling off. Twangy, strong pickups, sounds great! Comes with original hard case. Check out for more guitar ardor
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1935 Dobro Model 37 Roundneck

Round neck, wooden Dobro from the 1930s. The body has been stripped and stained a long time ago. The rest of the guitar is all original. It plays and sounds fantastic. Great original cone. Perfect for slide or finger-style. Comes with a soft newer case. Check out for more guitar ardor
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