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1961 Gibson SG Les Paul Custom

1961 SG Les Paul Custom in Polaris White. The guitar still sports most of its originality including the ORIGINAL FINISH and most hardware. The frets, tuners, nut, all the plastic and pickguard, ABR-1 bridge, knobs, pots, switch, etc. are all original. The original sideways vibrola is not gold plated. Why? I have no idea but it is an original sideways tailpiece. What is missing are the three...
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1952 Gibson Les Paul Conversion

Here's an early 1952 "center-seam" Goldtop that's been converted to '59 specs. It's had the usual... neck reset, routed for humbuckers, refretted, etc. I resurrected this guitar from an old man in Louisiana. He had done just about everything you could do to an old Les Paul... Stripped it, cracked the head, added a tunematic by carving out some of the top (to get the angle), and even ran the...
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1954 Fender Stratocaster

100% dead stock, all original 1954 Strat! You just don't find them like this anymore. This is a completely original, unmolested '54 Strat in incredible condition. The pickups are strong, have never been touched and are hot (6.05,6.24,6.54ohms). The solder joints are all original, pots read 35th week of 1954. All the parts including bakelite covers are in great shape and original as are the frets...
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1960 Gibson ES-335N

Here's a very nice, very rare, early 1960 Blond 335N. One of the most sought after vintage guitars on the planet. Original stop tail with "No Bigsby" ever! The guitar is all original including its two PAFs, original frets in amazing shape, and no overspray or cracks. The only issue is it had the tuners replaced at one time but there's an old original set of single line Klusons back on her. PAFs...
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1956 Gibson Country Western

Very clean Gibson Country Western. It sounds great, has a straight neck, no cracks, and 100% original except for exact replacement Kluson Tuners. Gibson's exact version of a Southern Jumbo except blond. Decal on face adds to the mojo... and if your name happens to be "Paul" then this guitar is for you! Comes with either the broken original alligator soft case, or a new hard case. You're choice.
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1971 Gibson Johnny Smith

Very nice, vintage, Johnny Smith in a beautiful cherry sunburst. Its all original except for replaced Mirabella pickguard/mini-jack and Lollar pickup. The originals are long gone. Great full sound acoustically or electrically... wide neck, simple electronics, and low price make this a great jazzer. Gibson wouldn't make you one now for double what we're asking! Comes with original black case.
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1977 Gibson Super 400CES

1977 Gibson Super 400CES 20% off
Very clean, hardly ever played. All original except for replacement pickguard (Cris Mirabella). Here's a beautiful late 70s Super 400 that is in perfect shape, straight neck, killer sound, and priced right. Compare this archtop to what Gibson was making at that time in its other models and you'd be amazed. Can't go wrong if you want a 46 year old guitar at an affordable priced! Comes with black...
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1971 Gibson Super 400 CES

1971 Gibson Super 400 CES 16% off
Here's a beautiful, cherry sunburst, Super 400CES from the "Embossed" pickup period. The guitar is 100% original except for the pickguard (custom made by Cris Mirabella) because the original had rotted away. The guitar plays and sounds great, frets are in great shape, pickups are super warm and powerful. For the money, this is an incredible 50 year old vintage guitar at an affordable price. Comes...
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1971 Gibson Super 400CESN Custom Order

1971 Gibson Super 400CESN Custom Order $1,000 off
Here is a custom ordered, blond, Super 400 CES. What's custom about it? This Super 4 was ordered with a "MASTER" volume control. It sports two, original, PAT# humbuckers that came with the guitar, no added pickup as the pickup routs are completely original (see photos). It has the selector switch up on the top bout like a Les Paul, and two tone controls on the lower bout. Very interesting,...
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1956 Gibson Les Paul Special

Wow! Just don't see them like this anymore. Super clean, still has that "wheat" color, not a solder joint broken, big fat '56 neck, and the original frets are in great shape. There is a little, and I mean little, belt buckle scratching on the back, and it had other tuners on it at one time, but no extra holes and no "boring" of the headstock. Originals are back on and work great. P90s scream!...
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1969 Gibson J-50

1969 Gibson J-50 12% off
Here's a great J50 with "sloped shoulders" and a small pickguard.... That's the way they were until the later 50s when they went to the large guard... but this one never had a large guard. The guard on it now is a replacement, but you can see there was never a large guard on it. Yet the serial number dates it to 1969. Whatever, its a super sounding guitar with a straight neck, original frets and...
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1990 Gibson Super Citation

1990 Gibson Super Citation 28% off
This is a "ONE-OF-A-KIND" Gibson "Super" Citation! For the serious collector of archtop guitars! The guitar is marked on the label "EXP-001", meaning "Experimental" and most likely the only one ever produced 001. Its marked as a Super Citation on the label and gold plate on the back of the headstock because in incorporates "Super 400" features, especially the neck inlays, and "marbleized"...
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1968 Gibson ES-175D

Very nice, original, dual Humbucker ES-175 from the late '60s. It sports two "PAT# sticker" pickups that sound great. All the other parts are original including tuners, bridge, pick-guard, tailpiece, pots, etc. The neck is straight, but the original large frets are well worn. A very nice, affordable vintage Gibson that can play any style of music. Comes with hard case.
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1931 Gibson L1-Custom

Don't see too many of these!! Here is a "one-of-a-kind" custom ordered Gibson L1 from 1931. Seems that R.J. Wilcox (on headstock) ordered this with the most elaborate custom inlays and pickguard I have ever seen Gibson produce. Apparently he was a well know guitarist in the 30s and 40s. (see the Corpus Christi newspaper ad from 1940 advertising his teaching ability) The headstock, the bridge, the...
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1931 Martin OM-28

1931 OM-28... one of the most sought after pre-war Martins, and in my opinion, the best sounding acoustic guitar ever made. Extremely rare and in original condition, with honest playing wear. Its an original belly bridge Martin, yet I believe original banjo tuner'd.... so transitional. The banjo tuners on it in the photos are repros, but there is an original set of 1931 Grover G-98s that come...
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1979 Fender Precision Bass

Nice, clean, maple neck Precision Bass. Neck is straight, plays great, frets are in perfect condition. The Bass is 100% original except for the pickup, which looks like a high end aftermarket pickup... but it sounds amazing, better than the original 1978 P Bass I have here at the shop. Weighs 9 lbs, comes with a gig bag.
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1964 Fender Precision Bass

Talk about a player! This superb playing Pre-CBS P-Bass has seen a lot of gigs, as it should. The best sounding guitars get played.. alot. This one, believe it or not, is a very old refin, but has such a cool vibe that it looks like its original. But don't judge it on originality as standard things have been changed, as any player who needed a working instrument would have changed them over the...
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1961 Epiphone Coronet

Super clean, 100% all original, Epi Coronet. This is the second generation Coronet, right after the very rare black "Slab" model, but before the nonsymetrical and more typical Coronet body style. We call them the "Steve Marriott model" These are very rare in this condition, which in this case is almost perfect. One little belt scratch on the back. Bright cherry red, no checking and 100% dead...
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1969 Fender Stratocaster

Great Hendrix era Strat! 4-bolt, Rosewood neck, grey bottom pickups sound thick and glassy like they should. Think "Little Wing"... The guitar is all original except for the treble pickup which was weak and I personally rewound it to my liking. Sounds amazing now. Large original frets are in great shape, all the other hardware and electronics are original. Neck is straight and it plays perfectly....
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1928 National Style 3 Roundneck Tri-Cone

1928 National Style 3 Tri-Cone in excellent, 100%, original condition. The guitar is so beautiful with the "Lily of the Valley" engraving. The guitar has low action, and needs no neck set. There are a few minor dings, but its almost 100 years old! No cracks, repairs, I even think the cones are original. This guitar is right out from under the bed. These are very rare and hard to find in this...
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~1970 Gibson Les Paul Custom

This is a well played war-horse that sounds great. I know because I've played it on stage for the last few years. Great playing, great sounding chunk of wood. The guitar is a bit of a mystery, but I'll try and describe it as best possible. Its a short tenon, three-piece neck, sandwich body, has a "Made In USA" (1970?) stamp on the back of the headstock, but it has "NO VALUTE". The guitar was...
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1965 Gibson SG Special

Nice, all original, late 1965 SG Special (Pots date to 40th week of '65). Two P-90s, Vibrato (arm included), 1&5/8ths wide neck. Shows some playing wear, but its all original and nothing has been changed, no cracks or repairs whatsoever. Plays and sounds great. Comes with original black case.
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1958 Fender Stratocaster

Here is a very cool, clean, two-tone, 50's Strat. Its all original except what appears to be two rewound pickups... but they sound amazing and were very professionally done. The body is dated 9/57, hence the two-tone, and the pots are dated 33rd week of '56 (matching the body). The neck is dated 8/58. I've seen necks and bodies this far apart but who knows? It's very clean inside and all the...
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1954 Epiphone FT-210 Deluxe Cutaway

Here is a very rare Jumbo Epiphone FT-210 Flat-top. This blond beauty is in excellent condition, sounds and plays incredible, has no cracks or breaks, straight V neck, gold tuners, cloud inlays, and perfect pickguard with no "rot". I finally got around to repairing the binding. It had typically shrunk as most of these do and pulled from the waists. I cut and filled, stretched and glued it all...
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1938 Gibson De Luxe Jumbo (SJ-200)

Here is a very important part of Gibson history. This "De Luxe Jumbo" (what later became the SJ-200) was built for bandleader Joe Wolverton (Les Paul's first boss) and shipped 3/22/1938 according to the Gibson ledgers (see photos).  This guitar was an all original prototype of the rosewood SJ-200, and one of the earliest known to be made for a celebrity. Like Ray Whitley's, this guitar sported...
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1939 Gibson Super 400 Premier

1939 Gibson Super 400 Premier 36% off
1939 Blond Super 400 Premier! All Original, rarest of the rare! One of 18 shipped the first year. First blonde Gibson ever, first cutaway Gibson ever, a very historic and revolutionary guitar!! Books have been written about these guitars... Just re-fretted for maximum playability! Comes with original brown leather case. Check out the cool collection and at Check out...
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