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1965 Fender Stratocaster®

All original "L-series" 1965 Strat except for a professional, large, refret. Nice, medium size neck, smooth and well played. Everything underneath is correct. Pots, switch, hardware is all straight. Pickups date to 10/65 and are full and strong. Great bluesy sounding Strat. Comes with a black Fender case.
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1960 Fender Stratocaster®

The best Slab Refin Strat I have ever laid hands on! This guitar is 100% ORIGINAL except for the oldest, "body only" refin in solid blond, or Olympic White finish. It was done years and years ago and is heavily checked with an incredible vibe. The guitar looks from the outside to be an original '60 Slab Strat. Underneath you can see it was originally Fiesta Red, then blue, then blond. The...
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1965 Gibson ES-345

Great vintage player ES-345. The guitar has been converted to mono and the Varitone removed. So its lighter and has the pickup configuration of a 335!Nice "wide" neck of the early 1965 variety. However the guitar is transitional as it has the original trapeze tailpiece. The guitar has been refretted with large frets and new nut, the gold PU covers are repro, repro switch tip, and the guitar...
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1964 Gibson ES-335

Block marker 335 with stop tail. Nice full neck. Pat# pickups sound great. The guitar is all original except for pro refret and tuner change (originals are back). Plenty of honest wear gives this guitar a great Mojo sound, feel, and vibe. Comes with original case.
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1943 Gibson LG-2

Nice, clean, Gibson "banner logo" LG-2. The guitar is in excellent condition and has just come back from the shop with a new neck-set. The bridge pulled up but was professionally re-glued, leaving a few cracks. The back and sides are crack free, the low action is has it playing perfect, the original frets show almost no wear. The original pickguard fell off and a new hand cut guard has replaced...
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1927 Gibson Nick Lucas Special

First version with a flat top and back, inlayed "The Gibson", 12 fret, mahogany body. The top has been over-sprayed, but the rest of the guitar is original. There are some top crack and side crack repairs repairs, the bridge is original but has been re-glued after coming up off the top. All the repairs have been done, its not perfect, but it plays and sounds beautiful and so its been priced...
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1957 Fender Telecaster®

Very nice, great playing and sounding Telecaster from the 1950s! Just normal playing wear, no breaks, repairs or overspray. All original except for professional refret. Comes with a worn tweed case.
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1943 Gibson J-45

Banner Logo J45. Huge neck, mahogany top, wartime Banner that plays and sounds awesome. Its just out of the shop, had a small few cracks repaired, new handmade bridge (old one was cracked), and a few new frets. Nice action, some chippage on the top, back, of the headstock adds to the sound. Non original case.
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1967 Epiphone Sheraton

100% original, super clean. Look at the gold hardware.... nice. (Its really a Gibson) Includes original minty case! .
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1952 Gibson J-45

Great early 50s J45. Plays and sounds great. Back from the shop and ready to strum on. Tuners changed... looking for correct set. Had some touch up many years ago from pick wear around the guard. It kinda adds to the mojo. Hard case
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Gibson Banner SJ Southern Jumbo

Huge neck, pre-war banner logo, very cool and it sounds fantastic! Great action, its ready to go...Some repaired back cracks. Two small marks on face from possibly a "name plaque"? Comes with a hard case.
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1960 Gibson LG-3

Great sounding little guitar. Plays great, a two small repaired cracks. X braced, had a sticker on it that was removed and lightly sanded. Soft case
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1956 Fender Bassman®

Super nice 1956 tweed Bassman. Two input. Cap-job and re-cone. Never had one this clean! Stunning.
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1957 Gibson ES-175 TD

Super clean, PAF, ES-175 TD. The guitar is 100% original including its Epiphone tuners, which were retro-stamped to make them a "G" instead of an "E".  I've seen this before, looks like Gibson wanted to use the Epiphone parts for there guitars after buying the company.  Very innovative... or just cheap!? All original except for the tailpiece which is a nickel plated repro direct from Gibson...
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1954 Fender Telecaster®

Factory Metallic Green Tele! This guitar is from my personal stash. I have had it for over 25 years. When I got the guitar the entire body was covered with silver duct-tape. When I removed it I found original factory green underneath! Now, it's most likely a factory refin, as the serial number on the plate is etched into the body under the bridge plate. Plus, when they refurbished it in 1956,...
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1959 Epiphone Deluxe Cutaway

1959.... flamey... and made at the Gibson factory! Like 1/100th the price of those little, sunburst, solid body, heavy ones that you need an amp for! All original, with original brown, pink-lined, 5 latch, case. (Also comes with the coolest "pick-holder" accessory on the back of the neck)
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1950 Fender Broadcaster

From my private stash. The Holy Grail of Fender guitars. Body dated 11/15/50... there is no date on the neck (TG went to lunch?). This Broadcaster is well played and well worn, but it is original including all parts, finish, and hardware. There were some electronic issues when I got it from the original owners family that I restored to original. You can call for details The guitar still plays...
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1941 Gibson J-55

Pre-war Jumbo 55! A very rare Gibson flattop. Never saw one this clean! This is a one owner guitar, all original finish and parts except for tuners which are single line Klusons from the 1950s. The was some seam separation from the bridge to the bottom, but it was expertly repaired by TJ Crandall. No cracks in the body or neck. Rich color and rich sound. Plays and sounds great. What a...
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1941 Gibson L-Century of Progress

Original white pickguard! Like you see on some late, pre-war ,Super400s and L-5s This is the only one I've ever seen like this... it has a matching white fretboard and guard. The guitar is just back from the shop with a new bridge and setup. It plays wonderfully and sounds amazing. It had a bridge replacement before, but we replaced that one with the correct size. It also had a trapeze on it...
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1967 Epiphone Excellente

Very rare, rosewood Epiphone acoustic. Their top of the line, and first rosewood guitar made by Gibson after WW2! Sounds amazing, very rich and warm. This one has a new Mirabella pickguard, and there is some overspray on the top probably when they attached it. The bridge has been altered to remove the adjustable saddle and add a solid saddle. Makes this one sound great! The original pieced are...
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1979 Music Man Stingray Bass

Clean, one pickup, Stingray bass in blond finish. B01....These play and sound fantastic. Comes with original case.
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1953 Fender Precision

PLAYER! Interesting bass guitar started its life as a 1953 slab body P-Bass. Was sent back to the factory in the 1960s and refurbished. But most unusual is the shape changes. The upper horn has been shaved down to Tele size, and it looks like the headstock was altered as well. The code number for refurbishing is stamped into the body and neck (700) and the word "Blond" etched into the body for...
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1965 Fender Jaguar®

Super clean, all 100% virgin original, still sports the original strings! Purchased from the original owner, it's a see-through blond finish on an ash body! Incredible find for the Jaguar collector! Shows some light playing wear. No checking.Comes with original case, strap and vibrato arm
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1966 Epiphone Excellente FT-120

Super rare! The only vintage rosewood guitar Gibson/Epiphone made after the 1940s. This one is very clean and from our personal stash. The pick guard deteriorated and was professionally re-created by Mirabella Guitars, the same people who make custom pick guards for Gibson. The guitar plays and sounds unbelievable showing very little playing wear.. Comes with original case. Reduced!
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1928 Gibson Style O

Very cool antique design, very old and rare, huge neck, and with no cracks! Actually plays great and sound terrific.... Comes with the original hard case.
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1958 Fender Stratocaster®

Beautiful Blond Ash body Strat. Purchased from the original owner. 100% original with original tweed case.
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1938 Gibson J-200

Pre-war Rosewood J-200!! The guitar has just come back from the shop with a refret, reset neck, repaired bridge, and some finish work. The guitar plays and sounds fantastic. One of the rarest of all Gibson flat-tops... but priced reasonably. Best sounding J-200 I've ever heard! Call for details.
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1939 Gibson Super 400 Premier

1939 Blond Super 400 Premier! All Original, rarest of the rare! One of 18 shipped the first year. First blonde Gibson ever, first cutaway Gibson ever, a very historic and revolutionary guitar!! Books have been written about these guitars... Just re-fretted for maximum playability! Comes with original brown leather case. Check out the cool collection and at
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