Ya know they made a lot of LP goldtops in 1952. 1700 or so. Most had neck binding and later 1952 features, there are A LOT of those guitars around, envision a room with 1700 or so goldtops. If you really want an early RARE collectable version of a Les Paul you need to have this one. Earliest first version Les Paul Model guitar ALL ORIGINAL from the ORIGINAL OWNER! Unbound neck, tall knobs, diagonal pickup mounting screws on treble P-90, early control cavity and wiring routing etc. Nice clean unmolested collector grade earliest version Les Paul guitar with original case. If you ever wanted one of these this is the one to have. Nobody knows how many of this VERY FIRST VERSION OF THE LES PAUL GUITAR were produced. THIS IS THE RAREST VERSION OF ANY ORIGINAL 1950's LES PAUL STANDARD GOLDTOP. Many say less than 100, some say only a dozen or so. Gibson supposedly made batches of 40 at a time so WHO KNOWS???? I know one thing, THIS IS MOST LIKELY THE FINEST ONE AVAILABLE. At least at the present time. There are a few others available here on gbase, (3 or 4?) but not likely to be nearly as splendid.

Bay State Vintage Guitars

Bay State Vintage Guitars

Near Mint
Gold top
Original Hard
9 Years
Bay State Vintage Guitars
Aaron Jones
Norwood, Massachusetts
1:33 AM
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